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For Projectionists Only

On the 35mm Forum I asked if people would contribute to a list of films featuring projectionists and projection booths.

The result, so far at least, is below:

Luke’s Movie Muddle 1916
Sherlock Jr. 1924
Hellzapoppin (Shemp as a projectionist) 1941
Sunset Boulevard 1950
Clash By Night 1951
The Bad and the Beautiful  1952
Smallest Show on Earth 1957
The Tingler 1959
Cleo from 5 to 7  Agnes Varda’s 1962
Masculin Feminin Goddard 1966
TARGETS Projectionist gets shot in the head through the port glass 1968
Omega Man 1971
The Projectionist 1971
Double Exposure episode Columbo with Robert Culp & Chuck McCann 1973
Spirit of the Beehive 1973
Phantom of the Paradise 1974
Kings of the Road  Wim Wenders 1976
Picture Show Man 1977
Make Me a Perfect Murder episode Columbo with Patrick O’Neal & Trish Van Devere 1978
The Muppet Movie 1979
Gremlins 1984
Night Of The Comet 1984
Demons (Argento Version) 1985
Desparately Seeking Susan 1985
Apartment Zero 1988
Cinema Paradiso 1988
Come See The Paradise 1990
The Inner Circle 1991
Last Action Hero, The 1993
Matinee Joe Dante 1993
The Shawshank Redemption 1994
Fight Club 1999
The Majestic 2001
Goodbye Dragon Inn (Bu San) 2003
Mr. Bean’s Holiday 2007
Inglorious Bastards 2010

2 responses to “For Projectionists Only”

  1. Dennis,

    You maybe interested to see the list I’ve been compiling for the last few years on my site: http://www.madcornishprojectionist.co.uk/anthologymoviesandheader.php, although I think there are few on your list which I haven’t yet got.



  2. ratzkywatzky says:

    Excellent projection room sequences in the new American film Daddy Long Legs, directed by the Safdie brothers.

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