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Robots Robots Robots June 4


I’ll be showing rare great short Robot films including  The Inventors (1934) in which Technocracy spoofers Stoopnagle and Budd built a Robot that terrorizes a girls school,  Techno-Cracked (1933) a Ub Iwerks Flip the Flog cartoon again spoofing Technocracy with a home built runaway Robot,  Rosey the Robot (1962) the pilot episode for the Jetsons, The Mechanical Monsters (1941) Superman battles flying robots,   Robot Revolution (1980) about modern (at least then) robotics, and more.  TenPod is a cool space for you to discover.  Before the films you can see Robot artwork while sampling free cookies, popcorn and beer.  Wow!

4 responses to “Robots Robots Robots June 4”

  1. […] based film archivist Dennis Nyback will be showing rare robot-themed film shorts, including: The Inventors (1934) in which Technocracy spoofers Stoopnagle and Budd built a Robot that […]

  2. […] Damon’s serving doughnuts. Dennis will show robot films. […]

  3. Bob Ekman says:

    Ever thought of adding the Our Gang short, Robot Wrecks to this program?

  4. Dennis Nyback says:

    Thanks for the tip. That is one I don’t have. I’ll look for it. I have had to make decisions from among my Robot films for this particular show.

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