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I really don’t have much of an idea  about how many people read my blog.  I certainly don’t expect people to keep up on the occasional comments posts get.   Today I got one that made me think of an old friend.  Here is the comment (Vacaville Adventure and a Night in Weed)  and my reply:

Thanks for this post, around 99% of the articles on bing were gibberish. Question: do you think sites like how to roll a joint should be allowed on the web for kids under 18?

Dennis Nyback says:

Well, I think for 18 and under it is the parents and librarians who can decide what kids and students view on line. It certainly isn’t any business of mine. Funny, remember the old cartoon HR Puffenstuff? Not many know the HR stood for Hand Rolled, as in Hand Rolled Puffenstuff. I don’t think that did any long time harm to the young viewers, at least in content, I should add, my being a member of the Society for the Eradication of Television (which ain’t exactly working out). Thanks for reading my blog.

I hadn’t thought about the Society for the Eradication of Television lately. Till now I had no idea they had a website.   The car that had the SET bumper sticker is about twenty cars ago in my life.  SET is such an easy society to belong to.  You just send them a post card and keep from having a TV.  No dues, no letters, no nothing in return.  Oh, I did get the bumper sticker (I imagine I paid for it, I mean how can a society that is free give out free stuff?) and right now, and for most of my life since high school, have not had a TV.

Now I need to find out what bing is.


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  1. I definitely enjoy every little bit of it and I have bookmarked your blog.

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