"Thank God for film archivist Dennis Nyback. If not for his encyclopedic knowledge of rare films and his tenacity for acquiring them, we would never have the privilege to view some astounding works of cinema." Kim Morgan

Dennis Nyback takes his films around the world. Find out how to book a show, what programs are available, how to arrange for custom programming, and just about anything you would like to know about Dennis Nyback.

List of Film Programs Created (Not Complete)



The Nicholas Brothers: Hot In Harlem

Jazz Stars in Suppressed Films

Misc. @ 5  For Clark Humphrey

Lite Lit 2: The Remake

To Be or Not To Be Bop

The Fabulous Nicholas Brothers

Silent Comedy Shorts

Hard Boiled Babes of the Silent Screen

It Came Before MTV: Scopitones

Meet The Soundies (Jazz)

Jazz of the 30’s and 40’s

Jazz of the 20’s and 30’s

Country Music Round Up

Croon A Little Tune (Jazz)

Swing that Music (Jazz)

Three 1940’s Jazz Featurettes

A History of Jazz Part 2

A History of Jazz Part 1

War: Is It For You?

Queens of Burlesque

You’ve Got to be Modernistic (Jazz)

Singing Fools (Jazz)

Big Band Bounce (Jazz)

The Original Stylists (Jazz)

Often Censored Cartoons

Glorifying the American Girl

Baseball Hi-Lites

Historic Cartoon Cavalcade

Tin Pan Alley Songwriters On Parade

Wrappin’ It Up (Jazz)

Jazz Women On Film

Jazz in the 1940’s

Jazz in the 1930’s

Jazz in the 1920’s

Effect of Dada and Surrealism on Hollywood Movies of the 1930’s


Genius of Ladislas Starevitch, The

Politically Incorrect Humor on Film

Black Jazz Dancing

Not Even the Face is Familiar

Scopitone A Go Go

Beyond Barbie: Fab Vintage Toy Commercials

Jazz Cartoons of the 1930’s

Short Films of Harold Lloyd

Short Films of Laurel and Hardy

Short Films of Buster Keaton

Short Films of Charlie Chaplin

Short Films from the SF Underground

Weird 60’s Music Marathon

Fabulous Fatty Arbuckle

Strange Films from the Psychedelic Sixties

Short Films of Germaine Dulac

They Used to Call It Dope: Mystery of the Leaping Fish and also Sonny Bono

Mixed Nuts of the Silent Screen II

Mixed Nuts of the Silent Screen

Mondo Commie

Cross Dress Extravaganza: Men in Drag – Women in Revolt

Educational Hygiene Films

An Evening With Cab Calloway

Happy Birthday Duke Ellington

Mixed Nuts of the Silent Era

Recent Additions to the Film Archive

Hong Kong Hodge Podge

Food: Is It For You?

I Know Why You’re Afraid

Teen Trauma: Sex, Drugs, VD

Teen Trauma: Dating, Driving, Delinquency

About and By: Gordon Parks

Silent Animation

Max Fleischer’s Greatest Hits

Busby Berkeley Cartoon Show

Tex Avery at Warner Brothers

Cigarettes and Beer

Don’t Let it Bring You Down: Depressing Films on Interesting Subject

Karl Krogstad: A Body of Work

Anger At Work

Presidential Follies

Stag Party Special: A Delightful Evening of Vintage Smut

Mormon Church Explains It All to You, The

Salvador Dali Le Pink Grapefruit and Other Films

Lesser Known Silent Stars

Mack Gordon Music Night

George Kuchar: A Body of Work

Pare Lorentz: A Body of Work

Jean Vigo: A Body of Work

Joris Ivens: A Body of Work

Maya Deren: A Body of Work

Stan Brakhage: A Body of Work

Shocking Medical Films

Harlem in the 30’s Part 2

Harlem in the 30’s Part 1

Space Patrol, Space Patrol, Space Patrol

Life and Death in the 1950’s


George’s Films Featuring Mike

George and Mike Kuchar: Standard 8

World Festival of Puppet Animation

Future That Never Happened, The

Celebrating Death on the Highway

Marcia Brady Fetish Night

Cigarettes and Beer

George Burns: A Guy from the Neighborhood

So, You Wanna Fight
Outer Space is the Place
Christmas Family Films
Halloween Family Cartoons
Let Me Boogie Your Woogie (Europe fall 2009)
Selling that Stuff ‘Toon Style (Europe fall 2009)
The Future That Never Happened (Europe fall 2008)
Perspective on the Great Depression
Radio Days
The High Lonesome Films of John Cohen
Zero to MTV
The Dark, Sad, and Funny of Bad Parenting
No Reason to Stay
Primer on the Vietnam War
Defining the Sixties Through Commercials
Drug Scare Films of Sixties
Ooh La La A History of Lingerie
Tap Dance Films of the Thirties
Let’s Fly Away
I Love a Piano
Lindy Hop and Jitterbug on Film
Girl Singers of the 1930’s
Terrorism Light and Dark
Anarchy Can Be Fun
Oregon Originals Animation
Industrial Animation Amok
World Puppet Animation
Educational Animation
Comics Come to Life
Sixties Animation
Tex Avery Toons
Animators Go to War
Oregon Original Mel Blanc
Introducing Bugs, Daffy, and other WB Toon Stars
The Forgotten Greatness of Amadee Van Beuren
Early Works of Paul Terry, Walter Lantz, Ub Iwerks, and Charlie Bowers
The Mouse That Roared
From Zoetrope to Sound Cartoons
Really the Blues
Hey Kids! It’s Mickey Mouse
Cowboy Music
Dennis Nyback Christmas Special
Class Warfare Rock and Roll
The Portland That Was
TBA Thank You Films
Hey Batta Batta
Three Oregonians: Mel Blanc, Lee Morse and George Olsen
Gumby Superstar
New Improved Offensive Animation
Everyone Loves Laurel and Hardy
When Educational Films Meant Slapstick
The Greatness of Charlie Chaplin
Hal Roach Prince of Slapstick
Funny Films From Orphan Studios
Funny Fatty: The Great Arbuckle
Buster at his Best
The Funny Funny Forgotten Mentioning
The Greatness of Our Gang
Silent Stars in Knockabout Comedies
Wacky Women in 1930’s Comedy Shorts
Tough Babes of the Silent Screenings
Smoking, Drinking, Sex
Historic Films of the Pacific Northwest
Dennis Nyback’s Favorite Films
Marcia Brady Fetish Night
Fuck the Republican Party: Secrets from their own Propaganda Films
Drug and Booze Educationals
I Know Why You’re Afraid
Anti-Japanese Cartoons from WWII
Cartoons Too Violent for Kids
Europe Through American Eyes
I’m Not a Feminist, That’s Silly!
Corporate Animation Amok
Cult, Oddball and Rubberhose Toons
Strange and Vicious War Cartoons
Jazz Cartoons
Stag Party Special
NW Expose: Lost, Forgotten and Supressed Oregon Films
Creepy Educationals
Blaxploitation Cartoon Special
The Appallingly Bleak Film Experiment
Bike and Vaudeville Pedal Powered Films
Cartoons Not Intended For Laughs
Men in Drag/Women in Revolt: Cross Dress Extravaganza
Girls, Girls, Girls
The Big Dick Cartoon Show
Silent Movie Clowns
Rocky and Bullwinkle Marathon
Subversive Animation
The Truth About the Disco Decade
Sweet and Hot Bands of the 1930’s
Kill A Commie For Christ
Black Jazz Dancing
The Black Experience in the 1960’s
Billie Holiday From First to Last
Mental Hygiene Educationals
Live From New York
Driver’s Ed Killer Films
The Greatness of W.C. Fields Shorts
Double Disco Sixties TV
The International Sex Cartoon Extravaganza
The Light at the End of the Century Part I
The Light at the End of the Century Part II
Film Noir Educatinals
Rockabilly Music
Trailer Camp
Sunday Funnies Come to Life
Additions to the Dennis Nyback Film Archive
Goodbye to All That
Capital Punishment: Is It For You?
Disorder in the Courthouse
Hong Kong Hodge Podge
The Genius of Busby Berkeley
Mixed Nuts of the Silent Screen
The Friday the Thirteenth Special
Teen Trauma: Sex, Drugs and VD
Teen Trauma: Dating, Driving and Delinquency
A Bugs Life: Not!
The Valentines Day Massacre Romance ShowDon’t Let it Bring You Down
Scalpel Fetish Night
Private Life of a Cat and other Odd Views on Sex
An Evening with Cab Calloway
Jean Vigo Short Films
The Unseen Maya Deren
TV Trash Fest Orgy
Beyond Barbie: Fab Toy Commercials
An Evening with Duke Ellington
Joseph Cornel: A Body of Work
The Art of Animation
Cult TV
Groovie Ghoulies and Friends
Bruce Bickford Claymation
New Additions
Trash TV
Early Trips: First Films of Famous Directors
The Birth of Betty Boop
The Greatness of Ladislas Starevitch
Otto Messmer: The Man who Created Felix the Cat
Emil Cohl Animation Pioneer
Max Fleischer: A Body of Work
Offenisive Animation
Behind the Scenes in Hollywood
Cowboy Music Hoe Down
George and Mike Kucher in 16mm
Compare to Disney

Let’s Go to the Circus

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