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The Oregon Cartoon Institute Animation Festival at Disjecta 2007

In 2007 The Oregon Cartoon Institute asked me to show every animated film I had in my archive. This was the result. Since then I have added many more cartoons. If I did this again it would be even better.

The shows were at Disjecta when It was in the Templeton Building near the East end of the Burnside Bridge. The last program of 35mm Animation was at the Hollywood Theatre.

Opening Night Friday February 23

From Zoetrope to Sound

Animation starting with a short look at the history of animation as presented in a Disney short subject documentary from 1955. Followed by works by the very first artists to work in the field of animation

Fantasmagorie (1908) Emil Cohl  France

Gertie the Dinosaur  (1914) Winsor McCay

Colonel Heeza Liar in the African Jungles (1923)  John Randolph Bray

Charley at the Beach (1919) Pat Sullivan  Otto Messmer  Nestor Film Co.

Modeling  (1921) Max Fleischer

Puss in Boots  (1922)  Walt Disney Kansas City Laugh-O-Gram Films

Seeing Things  Mutt and Jeff (1919) Bud Fisher

He Made Me Love Him Krazy Kat (1916) Frank Moser  Leon Searl  writer George Herriman

Monsieur Slim c1927 Joe Morgan as Andy Gump. This is probably the only print in the world. It has not been determined what the original American title of this film is. This a French print purchased at a sidewalk sale in Paris in 1999 with French inter-titles. It concerns an auto race in which the Gumps enter their mobile home; which is a shack built on a truck chassis. It is hilarious and is mostly live action but uses animation in a key scene. Andy Gump was a very popular comic strip in the twenties and has been cited as a favorite of R. Crumb.

Saturday February 24, 2007

The Mouse that Roared

Ten early Disney cartoons in black and white. The beginning of the company that soon dominated the animation industry. See the development from crude to sophisticated animation from the first days of the company.

Sunday February 25 The Early Work of Paul Terry, Walter Lantz, Otto Messmer and Ub Iwerks. Ub met Walt Disney in Kansas City and was Walt’s first employee. He was a brilliant animator and created Mickey Mouse. He left Disney to form his own cartoon studio in 1930. Paul Terry was born in San Mateo and animated his first cartoon in 1915. His company churned out cartoons for the next fifty years. Walter Lantz also was a pioneer (Working on Bray’s Col Heeza Liar 1916) who established his own studio and produced scads of cartoons. Otto Messmer created Felix the Cat in the teens. 

Fiddlesticks (1931) Ub Iwerks Character: Flip the Frog, music by Carl Stalling

Techno-cracked (19333) Ub Iwerks, animator Shamus Culhane, music by Carl Stalling

Play Ball (1933) Ub Iwerks Character: Willie Whopper, Music by Carl Stalling

The Black Duck (1929)  Paul Terry

Eliza On the Ice(1944)  Paul Terry Producer,  Connie Rasinski  Director

Andy Panda’s Pop (1941) Walter Lantz

Fish Fry  1944  Andy Panda  Walter Lantz

Hollywood Matador  (1942)  Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker

The Coo Coo Bird  (1947) Walter Lantz, Dick Lundy,  voices Mel Blanc, Bugs Hardaway

Felix In Fairyland (1923) Otto Messmer

Felix Woos Whoopee (1928) Otto Messmer

Monday February 26 The Birth of Betty Boop (Or My Life as a Dog) The program begins with the 1933 cartoon Is My Palm Red, which purports to tell the true story of Betty Boops baby days and forward. It is followed by the first Betty Boop cartoon Dizzy Dishes.  Then, nine more, all made before Betty became human. Betty first appeared as the love interest of Bimbo. Bimbo was a dog. Betty was too. See her change, not just in and out of her clothes, but into another species.  Produced by Max Fleischer.  Directed by Dave Fleischer.

Is My Palm Red (1933)

Dizzy Dishes (1930)

Mysterious Mose (1931)

Any Little Girl Who’s a Nice Little Girl (1931)

The Herring Murder Case (1931)

Bimbo’s Initiation (1931)

Kitty From Kansas City (1931) With Rudy Vallee

Mask-A-Raid  (1931)

Dizzy Red Riding Hood (1931)

Any Rags (1932)

Tuesday February 27 The Forgotten Greatness of Amadee Van Beuren Some of the best cartoons of the thirties were made by the fabled studio of Amadee Van Beuren. Mr. Van Beuren fell into poor health and produced no cartoons after 1936. His cartoon studio then folded. He died in 1938.

A Toyland Tale (1931)

Butterflies featuring Molly Moo Cow 1935

Molly Moo Cow and Robinson Crusoe (1935)

Rasslin Match (1934) featuring Amos and Andy

Parrotville Old Folks (1935)

Piano Tuners (1932)

Pastrytown Wedding (1934) Ted Eshbaugh

Happy Hoboes (1933)

The Sunshine Makers (1935) Ted Eshbaugh

Cap’n Cub (1945)  Post Van Beuren work by the enigmatic Ted Eshbaugh who earlier did The Sunshine Makers and others.

Wednesday February 28 The Amazing Ladislaw Starevitch. Starevitch produced his first stop motion cartoon “Lucanus Cervus” in 1910.That puts him before Winsor McCay in the history of animators and only Emil Cohl before him. Nyback considers him the greatest animator who ever lived and is not alone in that assessment. His work has influenced Jan Svankmajer, The Quay Brothers, and many other animators. Toy Story was a remake of his greatest work The Mascot. His work from 1914 to 1933 will be in the show.

The Mascot (1933) Original title  Le Fetiche

Love in Black and White (1928)  Original title Amour noir et amour blanc

The Song of the Nightingale (1925)  Original title La voix du rossignol

The Frogs Who Wanted a King (1922) Original title Les grenouilles qui demandent un roi

The Cameraman’s Revenge (1912) Original title  Mest kinematograficheskogo operatora

Thursday March 1 The Harman and Ising Era at Warner Bros. It should be noted that all the WB Cartoons were just distributed by WB.  They were independently produced by Leon Schlesinger from the beginning into 1945.  Everyone knows the great WB  cartoon characters Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Road Runner, Yosemite Sam, and the rest. The first of those to appear was Porky Pig in 1935. Warner Bros. animation started in 1929 under the control of Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising. They left WB for MGM in 1934. Here are ten great cartoons from the Harman Ising era at WB.

One More Time 1931

Freddy the Freshman 1932

I Like Mountain Music 1933

We’re In the Money 1933

Wake Up the Gypsy In Me 1933

Buddy’s Showboat 1933

Buddy the Gob 1934

Bosko in Person 1933

Shake Your Powder Puff 1934

Honeymoon Hotel 1934 Cinecolor

All of these cartoons are from the “pre-code” Hollywood era. It shows.

Friday March 2 Warner Brothers Part Two: The introduction of Bugs, Daffy, Porky and the rest. Cartoons characters change over time. Here we see some of the all time greats in their earliest forms. You’ll be shocked to see how fat Porky Pig was in the beginning. You’ll be amazed at just how Daffy Daffy Duck was. Bugs Bunny was really a jerk. You’ll see the first Tweetie Pie cartoon where he is really sadistic and not the “cute”character seen currently on pre-teens backpacks. A nice look at these characters before their sharp corners were rounded off.

Porky’s Pet (1935) Porky Pig

Porky’s Duck Hunt (1937)  Daffy Duck

Porky in Wackyland (1938) Porky Pig

A Wild Hare (1940) Bugs Bunny

A Tale of Two Kitties (1942)  Tweetie Pie

Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips (1944) Bugs Bunny

Russian Rhapsody (1944)  Gremlins

Southern Fried Rabbit (1953)  Yosemite Sam

There They Go Go go (1956) Road Runner

Saturday March 3 Mel Blanc, the man of a  1000 voices

Clink Clink Another Drink  Soundie with Mel performing with Spike Jones and His City Slickers

The Screw Driver (1941) Woody Woodpecker

Home Front (1943)  Private SNAFU

Porky’s Movie Mystery (1939)

Sheepish Wolf (1942)

Wise Quackers (1949)

A Hick, A Slick and a Chick (1948)

Daffy Doodles (1946)

Banty Raids (1963)

Cocoa Pebbles  Ad c1963

Tin Pan Alley Cats (1943)

Mel Blanc (1943) from an Army/Navy Screen Magazine

Sunday March 4 Cartoonists and Animators Go to War From WWI we will see Winsor McCay’s spectacular The Sinking of the Lusitania. From WW II we will see Ted Geisel (aka Dr. Suess) military training toons, Popeye battling the Japanese, Chuck Jones’ pacifist Draft Horse, Superman fighting for the American way, Joseph Stalin the Godless Commie on our side, and much more. This is not really program for children.

Sinking of the Lusitania  Winsor McCay  1919

Tokio Jokio  1943  Norman McCabe Warner Bros.

Education For Death  1943  Disney

The Draft Horse  1942  Chuck Jones Warner Bros.

Spies  Private 1943 Snafu

You’re a Sap Mr. Jap  1942  Popeye  Max Fleischer

The Japoteurs  1942  Superman   Max Fleischer

Rumors  Private Snafu  1944

Bugs Nips the Nips 1944 Bugs Bunny Warner Bros.

Der Fuhrer’s Face 1942  Disney 

Monday March 5 World Animation Mr. Nyback is very happy to at last be able to show some rarities he has collected from his travels around the world showing films. Many of these cartoons were given as gifts in foreign lands. They will include Czech, Hungarian, Australian, Japanese, French, Dutch, Polish, and other world animation.

Barktakiada (1985) Oldrich Habere Kratky Film Praha  Czech

Hat on Flier 1986  Zagreb Film

The Red and the Black

Variations on Theme  no date  Budapest  Anti-War

Sword  1968 Czech

Story of the Southern Cross (1969) Thelma Dufton, Concept Films Australia

The Jump  (1965) Eino Ruutsalo Music by Henrik Otto Donner  Finland

A-1 Love (1965) Yoji Kuri Japan

The Daisy  (1965)  Todor Dinov  Bulgaria

Lakat Kao Takev (1959) Zagreb Film

Tuesday March 6 There is Nobody Like Tex Avery This program will have the best of Tex, both at Warners in the 30’s and at MGM in the 40’s.

Homesteader Droopy (1954)  MGM

Drag-Along-Droopy (1954) MGM

Bad Luck Blackie (1949) MGM

Uncle Tom’s Cabana (1947)  MGM

Red Hot Riding Hood (1943) MGM

Thugs with Dirty Mugs  (1939)

Hamateur Night (1939)

Mice Will Play (1938)

Screwball Squirrel (1944)  MGM

A Sunbonnet Blue (1937) WB

Don’t Look Now (1936) WB

I Love to Singa (1936) WB

Wednesday March 7 Sixties Animation Most of this will be Television animation.

Matty’s Funnies,  Lost Wages episode,  1962  Bob Clampett,  Beany and Cecil

Rocky and Bullwinkle   Upsy-Daisyism  1961 

Roger Ramjet  (1965)

The Mighty Heroes (1966)  Ralph Bakshi

Rosie the Robot 1962 The Jetsons (Pilot episode)

Rock of Rockzilla   (1962)  Flinstones

Pigeon in a Plum Tree (1962)  Gumby

Sesame Street  (1969)  First season 

Thursday March 8 Comic Books Come Alive   Superman, Little Lulu, Beatle Bailey, Mighty Mouse, others. 

The Bulleteers  (1942 Superman  Dave Fleischer

Mechanical Monsters (1941) Superman Dave Fleischer

Lulu’s Indoor Outing  (1942)  Manny Sparber  Little Lulu Jug Haid’s Jumping Frog

Home Sweet Swampy (1962)   Al Brodax    Snuffy Smith

Jug Haid’s Jumping Frog (1962)  Snuffy Smith

Goonland    (1938)   Popeye   Dave Fleischer

Sultan Pepper (1934)  Oscar Soglow The Little King

Railroad Rhythm (1937) Krazy Kat

Friday March 9 Educational Animation Here is some really rare and interesting stuff, animation not intended for theatrical release but for the school systems as educationals.

The Glob Family  no information

Emily  Story of a Field Mouse  c1972

The Story of Menstruation (1946)  Disney 

My Turtle Died Today (1964) Bailey Film 

About Conception and Contraception (1973)  National Film Board  Canada

ABC of Health   Great Britain c1940

Saturday March 10 Pinto Colvig and other Oregon Animators. Pinto Colvig will be one of the featured animators of the Oregon Cartoon Institute. He was born in Jacksonville, Oregon in 1892. He first worked as a newspaper cartoonist and then became an animator. Working at Disney in the early thirties he began doing voice work. He was the longtime voice of Goofy. He also did some voice work for Warners and was the voice of Bluto in Famous Studios Popeye cartoons. This show will feature his work at Disney, Warners, and Famous. Another honoree of the OCI is Carl Barks. He was born in Merrill, Oregon in 1901. He worked at Disney animating Donald Duck and then, by himself, created Scrooge McDuck. We will show one of his Donald Duck cartoons. Most Portlanders know that Matt Groening is from here. What most of them don’t know is that in high school he worked with local teenage film maker Tim Smith on several films. One of the best, which includes animation, is Drugs Killers or Dillers, which will lead off the show.

Drugs:  Killers or Dillers  1972 Tim Smith 

Hobo Gadget Band  (1939)  WB  Pinto Colvig

Klondike Kid 1932

Mickey’s Mellerdramer 1933 aka Mickey and Simon Legree

Pluto’s Judgement Day (1935)  Disney  Pinto Colvig (voice)  Carl Barks (animation)

I Like Mountain Music (1933)  WB  Pinto Colvig

Popeye Presents Eugene the Jeep (1941)  Pinto Colvig

The Whoopee Party (1932) Pinto Colvig

Sunday March 11 World Puppet Animation

Mobilier Fidele (Autmatic Moving Co.) 1910 Emil Cohl  France

The Problem  (1964) Prague Czech  Jan Dudesek

Phillips Broadcast (1938) George Pal Netherlands

Puss in Boots (1940) Germany Ferdinand Paul, Hermann Diehl 

Jack and Beanstalk (1956)Germany Lotte Reiniger 

It’s A Bird (1930) Charley Bowers  USA

Poison in the House (1957)Basil Miovsorff  born Siberia  USA

Monday March 12 Industrial Animation Industrial films are among the least seen films by the average person. They were generally only seen by those in the industries they covered, sort infomercials for a much smaller market. Animated industrial films are smaller group. Here are some pips! Doomsday for Pests was made by the Sherwin Williams paint company to promote the latest product of 1953: Paint mixed with DDT to keep bugs at bay. The great animation was by the Jerry Fairbanks company. It uses both animation and live action to great effect. The UPA company was formed by animators who had been blacklisted for striking against Disney in the forties. They produced the wonderful Gerald McBoing Boing cartoons and also Mr. Magoo. Their bread and butter was animated commercials and industrial films. Of great topical interest today is their Man On the Land paid for by the oil industry in 1957 which you will see is a beautiful Technicolor print. Mr. Nyback is not sure who made Happy Little Blue Bird Valley. It was obviously funded by hydroelectric power money. It shows the little blue bird and other animals of the forest who are so happy because a dam is being built. Truly bizarre! Others.

Man on the Land (1951) UPA

Doomsday for Pests (1953)  Jerry Fairbanks Productions

Happy Little Bluebird Valley c1962 

Tuesday March 13 Animated TV Commercials (50’s through 80’s)

Intertitle Junk Food The All American Meal

Burger King Lion and son in the jungle fully animated 1970s

Zero Bar candy fully animated 1970s

7-UP See the Light! Fabulous psychedelic vaudeville 1975

Pepsi CLIO award winner 1989 Funk Music fully animated

Adams Gum Fully animated Weird flavors 1970s

MacDonalds Ronald MacDonald with puppets back to the stone age 1970s

Funny Bone Candy Bar 1960’s b Live action kids and animated candy bar B&W

Little Caesar Pizza CLIO award Origami ad 1989

Intertitle You Gotta Have a Gimmick To Sell This Stuff

Brick Makers CLIO award 1989 Judo

Flair Pens 1960s color Stop Motion

Social Security PSA 1970s live action with partial animation

Levis With Dacron Polyester 1977 Plaid Levis Ken Nordine voice Not on youtube

Princess Telephone 1964 Stop Motion B&W

Silverstone Teflon frying pan Hang on Sloopy! CLIO 1988

Baggies Alligator Live action with cast from Family Affair partial animation 1960s

Intertitle Moral Crusade Public Service Advertisements

Roadrunner Wiley Coyote and Shamu National Safety Council Fully animated 1960s

Basic Education Grants Platform shoes talk to each over 1960s fully animated

Tarzan Dental Care California Dental Association fully animated 1970s

Use Pesticides Carefully 1970s Puppets EPA

Eat Sensibly 1970s FDA Puppets

Seasons Greetings R.O. Blechman fully animated 1969 Woodsman spares tree

Intertitle Hook em Young The Fine Art of Exploiting Children

Peter Pan Peanut Butter with Tinker Bell Live action and animation 1958

Ding Dongs King Ding Dong Fully animated 1970’s

Sippity Doo Dah 1970s Some sort of chocolate milk Live action and animation

Kool Aid 1970s Hey Kool Aid Bowling Alley puppet

Twinkies Live and stop motion “Even space girls like Twinkies.” Weird 1970s

Nestles Quik Famous live action and animated Bunny 1970s

Pet Instant Milk 1962 Live and stop motion child star Ron Howard B&W

Crazy Foam 1960s color bathtub toy dispensers Live action and animation

Jif Peanut Butter 1950s B&W Live action and some stop motion

Top Cat Ad for the tv show Fully animated 1961

Hunts Snack Pack 1960s Talking horse

Bugs Bunny Show 5 second spot fully animated

Kool Aid Kids from Holland Fully animated B&W 1960s

Yoplait CLIO award 1989 Spanish strong children

Intertitle Damn the Ozone Hair is Important

Blondes American Style 1960s Color Live and stop motion.

Vitalis Men’s hair care 1957 Animation and live action

Datsun B-210 We are Driven! 1974 animated logo

Union 76 “long hose” shot in SF. Not animated, but some manipulation 1960s B&W

Chevron Live action and animated B&W 1960s

Intertitle Feminine Allure

Hour after Hour Deodorant 1970 With Diane Keaton animated logo

Tussee Lipstick 1960s Live action and interesting animation B&W

Maybelline Moonstar False eyelashes 1960s B&W Fabulous! Manipulated live action

Coppertone “We own the sun” B&W Manipulated live action 1960s

Coty Excites 1950s Sexy ad Manipulated and stop motion animation B&W

Scope Mouthwash Woman confronts boss about bad breath 1960s B&W part animated

Intertitle When Fun was Fun: Smoking and Drinking

Western Airlines Wally the bird “The Ooonly Way to Fly” 1959 fully animated

LA Beer CLIO Award 1988 Manipulated live and stop motion

Ice House Wine Cocktails Fully animated and very cool! 1970s

Marlboro Manipulated and live action. B&W 1960s

Salem Menthol Cigarettes B&W 1960s Take a puff, it’s Springtime! Animated logo

Colt 45 Malt Liquor CLIO award 1989 Partial animation

McEwans Best Scotch Clio Award 1988 Partial animation

Old Style Beer Fully animated 1950s B&W

Phillip Morris Cigarettes From I Love Lucy 1952 Animated logo With Bob Shepard

Intertitle The Tao of Tide

Bold Laundry Detergent 1960s Better than Bright!

Wizard Air Refresher 1960s “Houseitosis”

All Detergent 1968 color Made funny by featuring Lily Tomlin Live and manipulated

Sani-Flush 1960s Good animated toilet!

Intertitle Who Needs a Dr. When You Have TV

Ammons Powder 1960s color Fully animated

Dristan Nasal Mist 1960s B&W Cool “breathing bag” with animated sinuses.

Bactine Medicated 1960’s Cool and peppy jingle with dancing girl Live and animated

Anacin Classic B&W 1960s housewife and the end of her rope

Nervine Better housewife mood elevator “Avoid excessive use” Live and animated

Mentholatum Deep Heat Rub Live action with animated aching back

Compound W Young woman with warts! Animated wart action.

Chocks Vitamins puppet B&W 1950s

Bufferin Invisible men’s bodies show Bufferin at work Animation and manipulated

Intertitle The New Joy of Cooking Food In a Box

One a Day Vitamins 1950s B&W creepy

Sunbeam Microwave CLIO award 1980s

Stroemann Bread Fully animated color 1960s

Green Giant Corn Partially animated 1960s color

Rice a Roni 1960s Cool Jazz and SF A great commercial with manipulated images

Pillsbury Angel Food 1950s Live and stop motion.

Shake and Bake 1970s Partial stop “time delay” motion

Wonder Bread Live and animation with The Fresh Guys 1970s

Florida Orange Juice Anita Bryant with animated “Orange Bird.” 1969 color

Pillsbury Flower with the Pillsbury animated Doughboy. Color 1960s

Pillsbury White Cake Live action, stop motion and manipulated images. B&W 1950s

Intertitle Part of a Balanced Breakfast

Instant Maxwell House 1960s Color with the Percolator Jingle Animated percolator

Awake Breakfast Drink Sexy dialogue between fresh and squeezed. Full animation

Quaker Puffed Rice “Shot from Guns!” B&W 1950s

Start Breakfast Drink With animated Popeye 1970s

Rice Krispies 1970s Full animation

Cocoa Puffs 1960s B&W The first Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs animated ad

Fruit Loops 1960s B&W Oop Fray Oops Lay! Full animation

Kellogs Frosted Flakes 1960s color Tony the Tiger “Live it Up” full animation

Corn Flakes with Live action and animated “Corneleus” by Andy Devine color 60s

Post Super Sugar Crisp Sugar Bear 1970s full animation

Alpha-Bits 1973 With Michael Jackson and the Jackson five Manipulated images

Honeycomb 1970s Puppet Abominable Snowman

Trix 1970s The Silly Rabbit does get a bite fully animated

Sunkist Oranges 1970s Animated little girl and dragon

Intertitle 9 Out of 10 Dentists Agree Sex Sells

Stripe Toothpaste 1960s B&W Little sister bugs older sister about sex. brief animation

Score 1970s Hairspray for men This is right to the point See animation plump things up

Maiden Form Rated “X” Bra 1971 Color Manipulated images

Paper-mate Pens 1957 Nice phallic symbol usage Live action and animation

Doral Cigarettes 1970s Phallic symbol animated images with confused woman

Certs Breath Mints 1960s color the classic “If he kissed you once….” Animated logo

Fresca 1960s color Manipulated images and women in swim suits

Intertitle Riding the Gravy Train All the Way to the Bank

Ken-L-Ration Tender Chunks Animated dog barking and logo Woof! 1970s

Friskies Kitten Formula CLIO award 1980s Live and stop motion

Farmers and Mechanics Bank 1950s Manipulated images including Great Dane

Hartz Mountain Flea Color Puppets 1970s

Chuck Wagon 1971 Famous dog and miniature stage coach

Purina Cat Chow 1970s Chow Chow Chow!

Wednesday March 14 70’s Animation Trust Mr. Nyback to not just show Groovy Ghoulies and Friends in this show, although they will be in it.

Charles Darwin/Evolution 1972 Wonderful World of Professor Kitzel  Shamus Culhane

The Ghost in the Shed (1980)  Sam Weiss  Churchill Films

Overture 2012  (1976) Milan Blažeković  Zagreb Film  Croatia 

Groovy Ghoulies and Friends 

Thursday March 15 At the Hollywood Theatre   35mm Animation from the fifties into the nineties.

T.V. Of Tomorrow (1953) Tex Avery

Bambi Meets Godzilla (1969) Marv Newland

Thank You Mask Man   (1971)  John Hale

Pink Komkommer  (1991) Marv Newland

Screenplay (1993) Barry Purves

Dimensions of Dialogue (1983) Jan Svankmajer

Pro and Con  (1993)  Joanna Priestley  Joan C. Gratz

Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase  (1992) Joan C. Gratz

One of Those Days (1988)  Bill Plympton