"Thank God for film archivist Dennis Nyback. If not for his encyclopedic knowledge of rare films and his tenacity for acquiring them, we would never have the privilege to view some astounding works of cinema." Kim Morgan

Dennis Nyback takes his films around the world. Find out how to book a show, what programs are available, how to arrange for custom programming, and just about anything you would like to know about Dennis Nyback.

Film Programs

You can watch trailers for two of my film shows: Terrorism Light and Dark and I Know Why You’re Afraid.

The fully explained titles below are some of my most successful programs shown in  Europe and various United States cities.

Bad Bugs Bunny
Billie Holliday: First to Last
The Dark Side of Dr. Seuss 
The Birth of Betty Boop

Ooh La La A History
of Lingerie
Subversive Animation

Hillbillies in Hollywood

The Open Road
The Blaxploitation 
Cartoon Special

Vaudeville Deluxe
Oscar Winner Toons!

 Lindy Hop and Jumpin' Jazz and Jitterbug

Hobo, You Can't Ride That Train

F@!k Mickey Mouse (aka Compare To Disneyâ„¢

The Mormon Church Explains It All For You
Defining the 1970’s Through Classic Commercials

Good Intentions: Scare Films American
Teens Laughed At

The Effect of Dada and Surrealism on
Hollywood Movies of the 1930's

Kill A Commie For Christ 

Strange and Vicious War Cartoons
Jeanette MacDonald in her Undies
Jazz, Sex, and War Cartoons

The Age of Oil:Gasoline In the Twentieth Century

Bad Bugs Bunny Bad Bugs Bunny The truth about American history revealed in fabulous Warner Brothers cartoons! It is all here, the racism, sexism and violence.


Vaudeville Deluxe Napoleon commented that people want to be astounded.  Here’s your chance.  Vaudeville Deluxe is comprised of some of the most astounding and entertaining Vaudeville acts ever put on film.  All from the the golden age of Vaudeville in the Twenties and Thirties.  From the famous such as W. C. Fields to the obscure such as Bernice and Emily.  All exquisite entertainers from a time when entertainment meant more than just singing on American Idol.

Ruby Keeler The Effect of Dada & Surrealism on Hollywood Cinema in the 1930s Hollywood took Dada and Surrealism and cheerfully dumped them into American movies with no explanation or framing devices in the early 1930s. This program shows great examples of films that jumped on the Dada and Surrealism bandwagon to delight and mystify viewers reeling from the Great Depression.

http://www.brightlightsfilm.com/63/63_images/63pcs_macdonaldchevalier.jpg Jeanette MacDonald In Her Undies is comprised of two exquisite Pre-Code Hollywood musical feature films starring singing star Jeanette MacDonald.   They are Monte Carlo (1930) directed by Ernst Lubitsch and Love Me Tonight (1932) directed by Rouben Mamoulan.  They feature not just lovely Jeanette sans clothes, but also great songs by Richard Whiting (Monte Carloe) and Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart  (Love Me Tonigh). Also  sparkling direction, incandescent camera work, clever writing, and the leading men Jack Buchanan and Maurice Chevalier.  The supporting players include Zasu Pitts, Myrna Loy, Charlie Ruggles, and Charles Butterworth.

Billy Holiday From First To LAst Billie Holliday: First to Last The one and only Lady Day in film appearances 1935-1957. Includes the first half hour of the feature film New Orleans made in 1947 in which he plays a maid and also sings with Louis Armstrong. The program concludes with the second half of  “The Sound of Jazz” television show from 1957 which features the greatest assemblage of jazz talent ever assembled before a camera.  It features Billie singing with Lester Young.  Both would be dead within two years.   Total running time 85 minutes.

http://recollectionbooks.com/bleed/images/BB/commie2.jpg Kill a Commie For Christ Can we learn from the past?  Can we have fun doing it?  A past where  good was good, evil was evil, Commies were bad and the United States was good? Was it that long ago? Was there a time when thoughtful people could really believe in Killing Commies for Christ? Here it all is in a roller coaster ride of US Gov films, newsreels, one Infomercial, and a musical interlude.

Oscar Winners (With some just Very Deserving Nominees) Cartoons Great Cartoons, all but one with Great Color, from 1934 to 1993.  Book this show for a rare chance to see these rare classics on film as they were all first presented.

The Dark Side Of Dr. Seuss The Dark Side of Dr. Seuss This could be called “What did you do in the war, Doc?”   For most of his long career Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss) wrote hugely popular children’s books.  Early in his career he wrote for humor magazines and made money in advertising. For a brief time in the 1940s he was in the US Army making gung ho propaganda and army training films.  Is there a correlation between attracting young readers and influencing the minds of adults?   With this program you can examine Dr. Seuss’ adult oriented work and make your own decision.

The Birth of Betty Boop The Birth of Betty Boop Betty Boop was a huge star in the early thirties with a whole line of tie-in products and a nationally syndicated comic strip. By 1939, her popularity had waned and the production of her cartoons was stopped. In the 1960’s she was rediscovered by a new generation and became more popular than ever.  This program features her first cartoon appearances and shows her cinematic evolution from dog to woman.

The Age of Oil: Gasoline in the Twentieth Century

Films made by the Petroleum Industry, films made by Hollywood, and one film made by a Marxist.  It all combines to take a ride through a force in our existance that is much bigger than we can easily understand. http://www.etftrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/21oil-span-600.jpg Hillbillies In Hollywood Hillbillies in HollywoodAlternate title: “The Incredibly Strange Country, Western, and Rockabilly Film Show”. Over three hours of great music from 1927 to 1964, from the justly famous (Bob Wills, Jimmie Rogers, Spike Jones)to the unjustly forgotten (Hank Fort, Smoky Rogers, the Korn Kobblers), and many, many others.

Strange and Vicious War Cartoons Cartoons from a time when war was defined clearly as good versus evil and a victory came.  Can we learn anything from those days?  Now we seem to have what Orwell warned us against, eternal war.

The Open Road The Open Road What is the myth and reality of America’s long love affair with the automobile?  This program contains both and it’s only a ninety minute ride at 36 feet per second. The myth includes carefree vacations, the joy of hitch hiking, long haul trucker warriors of the road, carefree bikers on their hogs, leaving the driving to Greyhound, and more.  The reality includes being busted for drunk driving, becoming one of the fifty thousand  a year who die in a horrible wreck, ending up a quadriplegic after a ride on a Harley, and road rage turning a mild mannered milquetoast into a vengeful maniac.

Good Intentions:   Scare Films American Teenagers Laughed At

Six classic educational films 1950-1974 showing the worries of the adults in American society and their mis-guided attempts to try and make teenagers see things their way. The timeless topics of teen angst, drinking, driving, drugs and delinquency.  A lot of fun for those who survived and can look back.


Vintage lingerie magazine ad

Ooh La La A History of Lingerie

A historic and fun look at women in their undies!  A nice variety of changing styles of what was usually not seen in daylight underneath modest dresses.  Very rare films from 1910 to 1954 with appropriate naughty music.


Tex Avery Jazz, Sex, and War Cartoons After my first tour of Europe in 1995 with Bad Bugs Bunny, I was asked to come back in 1996 with more animation programs. Jack Stevenson suggested I do a “Sex, Jazz and War” cartoon show. I was mystified how these topics would go together, but trusted Jack that there would be bookings for such a program. He was right

Hobo, You Can’t Ride That TrainA look into a fascinating subject few are personally privy to.  Mr. Nyback rode freight trains across the United States while in college and has long been interested in freight train riding and the people that do it.  These rare films are a primer into a very little understood subject. The Blaxploitation Cartoon SpecialExtremely rare cartoons from 1916 to 1943 offer an unvarnished look at how black people were portrayed during what is called “the golden age of animation”.  They include work by some of the most famous cartoonists of all time. All of them are now suppressed.


Creepy  characters with candles on their heads  are chanting WANNA BE A MEMBER at Bimbo in Bimbos initiation cartoon  from Fleisher Brothers Studios

Subversive Animation A fast-paced roundup of wildly subversive animated shorts from cartoon history, many censored, banned and rare. Featured shorts include: screw the two party system with “Betty Boop for President”, drug happy dwarves in “The Sunshine Makers”, off the police with Woody Woodpecker in “The Screw Driver”, fighting prohibition with “Mickey’s Whoopee Party” and pro-commie, anarchist shorts, revolts against royalty and more.


F@!k Mickey Mouse Compare To Disneyâ„¢ (aka F@!k Mickey Mouse) Is it true? Is there a segment of the population that believes Walt Disney invented animation? This programs examines how the other Hollywood animation studios reacted to the Disney juggernaut in the 1930’s and 1940’s.   I focus on three tactics by his competition:  Rip him off, beat him to the punch, or make vicious fun of him.

Reviews: New York Daily News

The Mormon Church Explains It All For You The first film made by the Mormon Church that I had ever saw knocked me over. It was called “For Time or Eternity”. It was so skillfully made and had such wacky ideas. It was a film like no other I had seen. Reviews:New York Native

Quick Commercial Defining the 1970’s Through Classic Commercials From the ridiculous to the sublime.  Thank God you won’t be suckered into buying a lot of these products, since many of them are no longer on the market. For the others, this is warning to enjoy the ads, but don’t buy the product — especially Rely Tampons which were pulled after killing many women with toxic shock syndrome. 



Lindy Hop and Jumpin' Jazz and Jitterbug  
The Lindy Hop dance came out of Harlem in the late Twenties
and people have been enjoying it ever since. These films
from 1938-1954 show it at its best combining great dancing
with great jazz.

Other Programs with no descriptions


1940’s Featurettes

A Bugs Life: Not!

A History of Jazz Part I

A History of Jazz Part II

An Evening with Cab Calloway

Anarchy Can Be Fun

Anger at Work

Animators Go to War

Anti-Japanese Cartoons from WWII

Appallingly Bleak Film Experiment, The

Art of Animation,

Baseball Hi-Lites

Battle of the Sexes

Behind the Scenes in Hollywood

Big Band Bounce

Big Dick Cartoon Show, The

Black Experience in the 1960’s, The

Black Jazz Dancing

Busby Berkeley Cartoon Show

Buster Keaton at his Best

Capital Punishment: Is It For You?

Cartoons Not Intended For Laughs

Cartoons Too Violent for Kids

Christmas Family Films

Chuck Jones Tribute: Gateways to the Mind, Private Snafu, One Froggy Evening\

Cigarettes and Beer

Class Warfare Rock and Roll

Comics Come to Life

Corporate Animation Amok

Country Music Round Up

Cowboy Music Hoe Down

Creepy Educationals

Croon a Little Toon

Cult TV

Cult, Oddball and Rubberhose Toons

Dark, Sad, and Funny of Bad Parenting, The

Defining the Sixties Through Commercials

Dennis Nyback Christmas Special

Dennis Nyback’s Favorite Films

Disorder in the Courthouse

Don’t Let it Bring You Down: Depressing Films on Interesting Subjects

Double Disco Sixties TV

Driver’s Ed Killer Films

Drug and Booze Educationals

Drug Scare Films of Sixties

Early Trips: First Films of Famous Directors

Early Works of Paul Terry, Walter Lantz, Ub Iwerks, and Charlie Bowers

Educational Animation

Educational Hygiene

Emil Cohl Animation Pioneer

Europe Through American Eyes

Everyone Loves Laurel and Hardy

Film Noir Educatinals

Food: Is It For You?

Forgotten Greatness of Amadee Van Beuren, The

Friday the Thirteenth Special, The

From Zoetrope to Sound Cartoons

Fuck the Republican Party: Secrets from their own Propaganda Films

Funny Fatty: The Great Arbuckle

Funny Films From Orphan Studios

Girl Singers of the 1930’s

Girls, Girls, Girls

Glorifying the American Girl

Goodbye to All That

Groovie Ghoulies and Friends

Gumby Superstar

Hal Roach Prince of Slapstick

Halloween Family Cartoons

Happy Birthday Duke Ellington April 27-29 1994

Harlem in the 30’s Part I

Harlem in the 30’s Part II

Hey Batta Batta

Hey Kids! It’s Mickey Mouse

High Lonesome Films of John Cohen

Historic Cartoon Cavalcade

Historic Films of the Pacific Northwest

Hong Kong Hodge Podge

I Know Why You’re Afraid

I Love a Piano

I’m Not a Feminist, That’s Silly!

Industrial Animation Amok

Industrial Design and Refrigerator Fetish

International Sex Cartoon Extravaganza, The

Introducing Bugs, Daffy, and other WB Toon Stars

It Came Before MTV

Jazz Cartoons

Jazz in the 1920’s

Jazz in the 1930’s

Jazz in the 1940’s

Jazz Stars in Suppressed Racist Films

Jazz Women on Film

Kill A Commie For Christ

Let Me Boogie Your Woogie

Let’s Fly Away

Life and Death in the Fifties

Light at the End of the Century Part I, The

Light at the End of the Century Part II, The

Live From New York

Mack Gordon Music Night

Marcia Brady Fetish Night

Max Fleischer: A Body of Work

Max Fleischer’s Greatest Hits

Meet The Soundies

Men in Drag/Women in Revolt: Cross Dress Extravaganza

Mental Hygiene Educationals

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts II

Mixed Nuts of the Silent Screen

Mouse That Roared, The

Nicholas Brothers: Hot in Harlem, The

Night and Fog

No Reason to Stay: School, is it for You?

Not Even the Face is Familiar

NW Expose: Lost, Forgotten and Supressed Oregon Films

Obama Technocrat?

Offenisive Animation

Ooh La La A History of Lingerie

Oregon Original Mel Blanc

Oregon Originals Animation

Original Stylists, The

Outer Space is the Place

Pare Lorentz: A Body of Work

Perspective on the Great Depression

Politically Incorrect Humor on Film

Portland That Was, The

Presidential Follies

Primer on the Ku Klux Klan

Primer on the Vietnam War

Queens of Burlesque

Radio Days

Really the Blues

Rocky and Bullwinkle Marathon

Scalpel Fetish Night: Shocking Medical Films

Selling that Stuff ‘Toon Style

Silent Animation

Silent Comedy Shorts

Silent Movie Clowns

Silent Stars in Knockabout Comedies

Singing Fools

Sixties Animation

Smoking, Drinking, Sex

So, You Wanna Fight

Space Patrol, Space Patrol, Space Patrol

Stag Party Special

Strange Films from the Psychedelic Sixties

Subversive Animation

Sunday Funnies Come to Life

Sweet and Hot Bands of the 1930’s

Swing That Music

Tap Dance Films of the Thirties

Teen Trauma: Dating, Driving and Delinquency

Teen Trauma: Sex, Drugs and VD

Tex Avery at Warner Brothers

Tex Avery Toons

The Funny Funny Forgotten Mentioning

The Future That Never Happened

The Genius of Busby Berkeley

The Greatness of Charlie Chaplin

The Greatness of Ladislas Starevitch, The

The Greatness of Our Gang, The

The Greatness of W.C. Fields Shorts, The

Three Oregonians: Mel Blanc, Lee Morse and George Olsen

Tin Pan Alley Songwriters on Parade

Tough Babes of the Silent Screenings

Trailer Camp

Trash TV

TV Trash Fest Orgy

Valentines Day Massacre Romance Show, The

Wacky Women in 1930’s Comedy Shorts

War: Is It For You?

Weird 60’s Music Marathon

When Educational Films Meant Slapstick

World Puppet Animation

Wrappin it Up

You’ve Got to Be Modernistic

Zero to MTV