"Thank God for film archivist Dennis Nyback. If not for his encyclopedic knowledge of rare films and his tenacity for acquiring them, we would never have the privilege to view some astounding works of cinema." Kim Morgan

Dennis Nyback takes his films around the world. Find out how to book a show, what programs are available, how to arrange for custom programming, and just about anything you would like to know about Dennis Nyback.


Who is Dennis Nyback?

Dennis Nyback is the owner and operator of Dennis Nyback Films which has no other employees than Dennis Nyback. He creates film programs and travels the world showing them. He is married to the beautiful Anne Richardson and lives in Portland, Oregon.

Where does Dennis Nyback get his films?

From his own archive of films that he has collected for the last twenty five years.  Those films have been purchased from other film collectors through the publication The Big Reel and on Ebay.  He has also bought films in antique shops, thrift shops, junk shops, and at flea markets.  Some films were rescued from the trash and others were given to him as gifts.

How did he get started collecting films?

While operating The Rose Bud Movie Palace, dedicated to showing classic films, he began buying short subjects and cartoons to show before features. It was cheaper to buy the films than rent them.  He could also show them more than once.  After acquiring enough shorts he was able to build complete film programs from them.

How did he get started showing his films?

In college he worked as a projectionist at an art house.  He also became a member of the projectionist’s union.  He purchased the Rose Bud Movie Palace in 1979.  He started traveling with his films in 1991.  He made his first trip to Europe with films in 1995.  He made his first trip to the far
east in 2003.

Does Dennis Nyback make films himself?

He is considered a “found footage film maker.”  He mainly creates feature length film programs out of short films and film clips.

How much do Dennis Nyback Film programs cost?

It depends.  For most places it is $500 for an in person show.  That can be adjusted depending on the venue.

Does Dennis Nyback show films in venues like mine?

Dennis is willing to show films in almost any venue.  They have included commercial theaters, museums,  schools and  universities, film clubs, barber shops,  living rooms, on boats, outdoor vacant lots,  and other places where a screen could be placed at one end and a projector at the

Can Dennis Nyback Film programs be shown using video projection?


I have booked a Dennis Nyback Film show. What can I expect?

Dennis will appear in person and introduce the film program.  He can alsoact as the projectionist and take questions after the show. He can also provide a projector.  The program will be educational,  entertaining and ninety minutes long.

Does Dennis Nyback have an academic affiliation?

Dennis has taught at the university level.  He is currently at Marylhurst University in Lake Oswego, Oregon