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KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival

The sinners, sex-fiends, politicians and perverts, as well as some very lovely creatures take over our beautiful city in the form of the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival from 17 to 20 of September. De Balie, Kriterion and De Uitkijk house the critters as independent animators strut their stuff.

Brendan and the secret of Kells at Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival

KLIK! me

Animation has become an integral part of cinema, as stunning films like Wall-E blow our minds with almost real life imagery or the imagination and beauty in a Hayao Miyazaki film can make you shed tears.  Of course new artists are continually pushing the boundary of animation whether that’s through perfect 3D computer rendering, the roughest sketch work or via meticulously shaped claymation.

Now in it’s fifth year the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (watch video) has gone from strength to strength. First starting in Gent, Belgium before moving to Amsterdam for the Dutch edition in 2007 with screenings at De Nieuwe Anita, Ketelhuis and Filmhuis Cavia, this year the festival stars over 250 films from 32 different countries.

Klik awards

The festival this year will give awards for the best political animation, the best design in animation, the best Mopti award as well as awards for the best Student film and best Open film.

Festival highlights

Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival

Jessica Rabbit won’t be the only cartoon to make your eyes pop out of their sockets when the Eros and Anima programme, Thursday 17, 23:00 and Saturday 19, 22:30 at the Kriterion 2, bring you ten cartoons for adults only.

If that’s too low-brow try the political animation program Thursday 17, 22:30 at Kriterion 1, Friday 18, 19:30 and Saturday 19, 19:00 at De Balie Small.

Hollandse Nieuwe features fresh animation from the lowlands with diverse styles and topics. Saturday 19, 14:00 at De Balie and Sunday 20 16:30 at Kriterion.

Music and animation have gone together since before Mickey the Apprentice’s brooms came alive. Better than Jem and Holograms or The Archies, Musicophilia showcases a collection of animated music videos, Saturday 19, 22:00, De Balie Small and Sunday 20, 18:30 at the Kriterion.

Spike n Mike’s Sick n Twisted Animation Tour has in the past, shed light on some of animation’s darkest characters like the South Park boys, Beavis & Butthead and Happy Tree Friends. See the boys’ latest collection sully beautiful Amsterdam Friday 18, 22:30 and Saturday 19, 20:30 at De Uitkijk.

Festival judge Phil Mulloy treats us to a retrospective of his work, Saturday 19, 16:00 and Sunday 20, 17:00 with a Q&A session after Saturday’s show.

Dennis Nyback at Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival

Likewise, on Saturday 19, 21:30 at Kriterion 1 fellow judge Dennis Nyback presents The Naughty to Nasty Extravaganza, as the American film historian and independent exhibitor screens racy films from 1929-1970. On Sunday 20, 18:00 at Kriterion 1 he presents Bad Bugs Bunny; a collection of extremely politically incorrect cartoons from the forties.

It’s not all smut however. Feature film Brendan and the Secret of Kells follows the story of young Brendan trying to complete the legendary book of Kells in medieval Ireland as vicious vikings attack. But he can’t complete it from behind the Monk’s safe walls – Brendan must venture out. Catch it Friday 18, 19:30 at Kriterion 1, Saturday 19, 21:00 and Sunday 20, 18:00 at De Balie.

And what’s an animation festival without a children’s programme. On Sunday 20,13:30 and 16:30 see a collection of funny and bizarre films the kids will love, from all over the world.

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