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interfilm berlin

Festival Chronicle

interfilm 14

interfilm 14

International Short Film Festival
Berlin 1998

1998 (interfilm 14 – Sex and Insanity – 1998) The Festival took place from the 8th to 13th December, 1998, in the cinemas Balázs, Hackesche Höfe, Central, and Cinemax X Colosseum. The official opening was held in the great hall of the “Haus der Kulturen der Welt” (House of the Cultures of the World) with almost 1000 people in attendance.

They watched a presentation of highlights of the forthcoming festival, in addition to a program of sex cartoons introduced by Dennis Nyback from New York. The all-new event “eject – the long night of films that go astray” held in the gallery “Meinblau” (My Blue), was another big success this year.

In addition to the programs in Competition, we presented video programs and historical short films. Documentary subjects examined a variety of portraits of women and men. Special International Programs came from Holland, Denmark, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, England, and New Zealand, as well as video programs and seminars from Sicily.

John Wojowski, the director of the short-film festival Manchester, introduced the Irish and British programs. We screened the German premiere of the fantastic feature film from L.A., “The Empty Mirror”, which imagines the fictitious life of Hitler after the second World War. A seminar about pornographic films was conducted by Alessandro de Fillippo and Teresa Macri, and discussed splatter and horror films.

Five awards worth 10,000 Deutsch Marks were presented to filmmakers from Germany,Yugoslavia, Austria, Sweden and Belgium. In attendance this year were a large number of guests from other German cities (i.e. from outside Berlin), and the international attendance was also high. (A planned collaboration with the Berlin-based independent film festival “Circles of Confusion” regrettably did not come to fruition.)