"Thank God for film archivist Dennis Nyback. If not for his encyclopedic knowledge of rare films and his tenacity for acquiring them, we would never have the privilege to view some astounding works of cinema." Kim Morgan

Dennis Nyback takes his films around the world. Find out how to book a show, what programs are available, how to arrange for custom programming, and just about anything you would like to know about Dennis Nyback.

Now Showing

Saturday December 1, 2018  AMIA Conference  Portland Hilton Downtown, Portland, Oregon,   This will be the closing event of the conference.

7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Three Short Films from the Dennis Nyback Film Archive in 16mm


  • Dennis Nyback, Oregon Cartoon Institute

Three films from Seattle (Hobo at the End of the Line, educational, 1977), Portland (The Case of the Kitchen Killer, underground, 1976) and San Francisco (The Innocent Fair, documentary, 1961 about the San Francisco Worlds Fair of 1915)  from the Dennis Nyback Film Archive.  All in 16mm.


Monday April 8  The Hollywood Theater   4122 NE Sandy Boulevard  Portland  TWILIGHT ZONE TWILIGHT ZONE TWILIGHT ZONE   Three episodes of the original Twilight Zone with Commercials all in glorious 16mm

The Trade Ins 4/16/62  Joseph Schildkraut  Alma Platt   Written by Rod Serling Season 3

The Prime Mover 3/24/61 Dane Clark Buddy Ebsen   Written by Charles Beaumont (Masque of the Red Death)

Five Characters in Search of an Exit  12/22/61 William Windom Written by Rod Serling  Season 3

Saturday March 23  The Faux Museum 139 NW Second Ave (2nd and Davis)  Portland Old Town  DEFINING THE 8O’s THROUGH CLASSIC COMMERCIALS   

If as Norman Douglas wrote, “You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements,” what are we?  It is easier and more entertaining to judge in hindsight.  How about by looking at the 80’s? Over 100 classic commercials in a fast moving show covering dozens of topics. A safely voyeuristic look into the near past that can help us understand how we got to where we are today.  Don’t worry though, many of these products no longer exist so you won’t be compelled to go right out and buy buy buy to support our consumer driven economy.
One show only at 7:30 on Saturday March 23 at the Faux Museum Microcinema   139 NW 2nd Ave at Davis.  $8

 Monday March 11  The Hollywood Theater   4122 NE Sandy Boulevard  Portland  TWILIGHT ZONE TWILIGHT ZONE TWILIGHT ZONE   Three episodes of the original Twilight Zone with Commercials all in glorious 16mm

Penny For Your Thoughts 2/3/1961 Dick York    Written by George Clayton Thomas (Logan’s Run, Star Trek: The Man Trap. Season two

Fugitive 3/9/62 J. Patrick O’Malley’  Written by Charles Beaumont    Season 3

Eye of the Beholder  11/11/60  Donna Douglas Donna Douglas  Written by Rod Serling  Bernard Herrmann music  Season 2

Saturday March 9  The Faux Museum Microcinema  139 NW Second Ave (2nd and Davis)   DEFINING THE 70’s THROUGH CLASSIC COMMERCIALS

 From the ridiculous to the sublime.  Thank God you won’t be suckered into buying a lot of these products, since many of them are no longer on the market.  For the others, this is warning to enjoy the ads, but don’t buy the product — especially Rely Tampons which were pulled after killing many women with toxic shock syndrome.

One show only at 7:30 on Saturday March 9 at the Faux Museum Microcinema   139 NW 2nd Ave at Davis.  $8

The Faux Museum MicroCinema  139 NW Second Ave (2nd and Davis)  Films for February every night of the week except Mondays.  Note, Will Vinton and Bob Gardiner in Portland won an Oscar for their cartoon Closed Mondays in 1974.  Being Closed Monday is in honor of them.  All films will be screened in 16mm.  Each program will be preceded by an episode of Perils of Nyoka.

Showtime is 7:30  Every night except closed Mondays


Friday -Sunday February 1,2,3  Bad Bugs Bunny  Since creating this program in 1993 it has been screened all around the world and just sold out a weekend at the Trylon Microcinema in Minneapolis.

Tuesday and Wednesday  February 5 and 6  Let’s Go to the Circus!  This will be the world premiere of a new Dennis Nyback creation.  Great short films featuring circuses including Boy of the Circus shot in technicolor in the mid 1950’s and the 1979 film Cotton Candy and Elephant Stuff.  Much more.

Thursday  February 7  Sex Ed Films   Included will be what were called “pink slip” films which were shown to girls only in the sixth grade across the US.  Also from Canada the jaw dropping About Conception and Contraception.  Much more!

Friday- Sunday February 8,9,10  F@#K Mickey Mouse   Another program that has been shown around the world.  Learn how his competitors reacted to Walt Disney in various ways including vicious parodies of his most beloved work.

Tuesday-Wednesday February 12 and 13  Vaudeville Deluxe  A wonderful look at vaudeville in films from the twenties and thirties.  It will include early sound test films including Gus Visser.  Many other acts that defy belief!  You will be delighted and amazed, and if a vaudevillian yourself, inspired

Thursday February 14  The Naughty to Nasty Sex Cartoon Extravaganza  Famous and not so famous,  but all wildly entertaining, hard core and risque cartoons.  Our Valentines Day special!

Friday – Sunday February 15, 16, 17  The Dark Side of Dr. Seuss.  The last time I showed this program in Tucson five hundred people came to see it.  Here is a review.   Also this youtube.   Don’t miss it!

Tuesday and Wednesday February 19 and 20   I Love a Ukulele!  A wonderful program of vintage short films and cartoons featuring that wonderful portable instrument.  The virtuoso player Roy Smeck will be featured.

Thursday February 21  The Blaxploitation Cartoon Special  Ten banned cartoons showing how African Americans were portrayed in animation from 1916 to 1943.

Friday – Sunday February 22, 23, 24  Stag Party Special   A delightful evening of vintage smut!  Comprised of hard core Stag Films and Risque Rarities.  Films from 1915 to 1950.   A lot of fun for the curious one.

Tuesday – Wednesday February 26 and 27   Scopitone A Go Go    When I showed this in New York in 1997 MTV put me on the world wide news.  A wonderful program of music shorts from the early 1960’s in garish color and magnetic sound.  If you have never seen a Scopitone on the big screen you have not lived.

Thursday February 28  The Birth of Betty Boop (Or, My Life as a Dog)   Yes, Betty Boop began her animated career in 1930 as a dog.  And not just any dog, but the carnal love interest of Bimbo the dog.  See how she morphed into the Betty we all know and love in ten cartoons from 1930 and 1931.

The Faux Museum  139 NW Second Ave (2nd and Davis)  January 11 and 12  

Friday Jan 11   The Cross Dress Extravaganza: Men in Drag, Women in Revolt: + film maker, writer Andy Podell presents his film short Meet the Montoyas

Andy Podell is a movie maker and playwright. His one act and feature length plays include: Las Vegas Habitat, The Last Occupy, Mom Was a Carny, For the Cossacks, and others. He was the head writer for the PBS documentary After Stonewall. He will be screening his 1991 short film Meet the Montoyas, a cult hit in Europe. Dennis Nyback will show his program Cross Dress Extravaganza: Men in Drag and Women In Revolt. It includes Fatty Arbuckle, Thelma Todd, Bugs Bunny, Roger Ramjet, and much more, including the not to to be missed “Behind Every Good Man” made in 1965 by Nikolai Ursin and Hold Me While I’m Naked by George Kuchar.
Tickets $8 at the door. Doors open 7:45pm

Saturday Jan 12   Subversive Animation is the fourth in our Faux Reel series. You will see 90 minutes of crazy short vintage animated shorts. All actual 16mm prints! Do you want to see drugged dwarves, anarchist bombers and cocaine cartoons? Well this is the ticket. Come see our fast-paced roundup of wildly subversive animated shorts from cartoon history, many censored, banned and rare!  The show will start with Chapter One of Perils of Nyoka the 1942 Serial staring Kay Aldridge, Clayton Moore, and Lorna Gray.  It will continue through all 15 chapters over the next year and a half.  It was directed by William Whitney.

Tickets $8 at the door. Doors open 7:45pm

The Grand Illusion Cinema  1403 NE 50th Street (at University Way NE) Seattle  November 30-December 6. Each night will feature three episodes of the Twilight Zone in pristine 16mm prints. In the past forty years we have seen big screen films shrunk to be seen on phones. Reversing that I will take TZ that has only been on the small screen and put it on the big screen with commercials. All in glorious black and white.

A Nice Place to Visit 4/15/60 Larry Blydon Sebastian Cabot Writ by Charles Beaumont Season 1
Passage for Trumpet 5/20/60 Jack Klugman Written by Rod Serling Season 1

The Monsters are Due on Maple Street 3/4/60 Claude Akins Jack Weston Written by Rod Serling Season 1

Penny For Your Thoughts 2/3/1961 Dick York Written by George Clayton Thomas (Logan’s Run, Star Trek: The Man Trap. Season two
Fugitive 3/9/62 J. Patrick O’Malley’ Written by Charles Beaumont Season 3
Eye of the Beholder 11/11/60 Donna Douglas Donna Douglas Written by Rod Serling Bernard Herrmann music Season 2Sunday
The Trade Ins 4/16/62 Joseph Schildkraut Alma Platt Written by Rod Serling Season 3
The Prime Mover 3/24/61 Dane Clark Buddy Ebsen Written by Charles Beaumont (Masque of the Red Death)
Five Characters in Search of an Exit 12/22/61 William Windom Written by Rod Serling Season 3

Mr. Garrity and the Graves 5/8/64 John Dehner Written by Rod Serling Season 5
Mr. Bevis 6/3/60 Orson Bean Written by Rod Serling Season 1
The Masks 3/20/64 Robert Keith Written by Rod Serling Dir. Ida Lupino (Outrage) Season 5

A Most Unusual Camera 12/16/60 Fred Clark Written by Charles Beaumont Season 2
The Brain Center at Whipple’s 5/15/64 Richard Deacon Written by Rod Serling Dir. Richard Donner (Superman) Season
The Shelter 9/29/61 Jack Albertson Peggy Stewart Written by Rod Serling Season 3

Kick the Can 4/9/62 Ernest Truex Barry Truex Written by George Clayton Johnson Season 3
Cavender is Coming 5/25/62 Carol Burnett Jesse White (Maytag Man 1967-1988) Season 3
World of His A Own 7/1/60 Keenan Wynn Keenan Wynn Phyllis Kirk Written by Richard Matheson Season 1

Steel 10/4/63 Written by Richard Matheson (I am Legend) Season 5
The Bard 5/23/63 Jack Weston, John Williams, Burt Reynolds Written by Rod Serling Season 4
Mirror Image 2/26/60 Vera Miles Martin Milner Vera Miles Martin Milner Written by Rod Serling Season 1

The Mormon Church Explains It All to You

One Night Only  Saturday October 13

The Faux Museum  139 NW 2nd Avenue  (2nd and Davis) Portland, Oregon  at 8:00pm   $8

Two nights October 20 and 21

The Grand Illusion Cinema 1403 NE 50th St, Seattle   9:00

Three nights   November 2 (9:00), 3 (7:00), 4 (5:00)

Trylon Microcinema   3258 Minnehaha Avenue  Minneapolis

Also at the Trylon November 2 (7:00), 3 (9:00), 4 (7:00)  Bad Bugs Bunny

The Mormon Church Explains It All To You, a Dennis Nyback Film Show, has been a hit in most of the major cities in the United States.  It will be shown once this year in Portland.  That screening will be at the Faux Museum.  The program features three complete short films, and once excerpt, made by The Mormon Church in Salt Lake City between 1964 and 1974.  All were produced by Wetzel O. Whitaker.  The films defy classification.  When the program played at the Olympia Film Festival they wrote:  “The French say that American filmmakers have never really embraced the auteur theory – but obviously they have never seen the films of Wetzel O. Whitaker! So allow us to share with you the magic of this unsung genius of Mormon educational filmmaking! Outrageous camp meets brutal realism in these three short films that confront the moral issues facing teens in a world teeming with hideous fashion, bad haircuts and campus conflict.”   I personally think that doesn’t tell the half of their jaw dropping amazing greatness.  These films were not meant for teens.  They were meant to be seen by young adults who were in need of the sort of guidance only motion pictures could provide.  This program will be screened in 16mm, not digitally.

The films included are “You Make the Difference” (1974), the story of  young churchgoers tempted by X-rated movies (excerpt); and the complete films; “Man’s Search for Happiness” (1964), screened at the Mormon Pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair;  “How Do I Love Thee?” (1965), about a couple of college roommates, good girl Jan and bad girl Penny, who each have to deal with the urge to go “all the way”; and “For Time or Eternity?” (1969), in which a young women on her pre-mortal planet somewhere in the Universe is given a chance to see what her life on earth might include.

What:  The Mormon Church Explains It All to You
Where:  The Faux Museum  139 NW 2nd Avenue  (2nd and Davis)
When:  Saturday October 13 at 8:00pm
How Much:  $8

More information

Dennis Nyback is a sixth generation Oregonian who has lived in Seattle and New York City and is happy to be back where he grew up.  He has been creating film programs and taking the around the world since 1991.  He has been a guest at dozens of film festivals around the world in such far reaches as South Korea, Iceland, and Cottage Grove. He will show The Mormon Church Explains It All To You after this in Seattle on October 20-21 and in Minneapolis, November 2-4.

Wetzel O. Whitaker  Diractor and/or of all the films in the program.
Latter-day Saint. Born 30 September 1908, Heber City, Utah. Died 1 November 1985, Murray, Utah. Birthname: Wetzel Orson Whitaker. Also known as: Judge Whitaker; “Judge” Whitaker; Wetzel O. Whitaker; Wetzel Whitaker; Wetzel Orson “Judge” Whitaker; Wetzel “Judge” Whitaker; Wetzel Judge Whitaker. Although his name is largely unknown today, Wetzel O. Whitaker was one of the most influential figures in the history of Latter-day Saint filmmaker. He was the producer and director of many of the earliest films produced by the Church and subsequently shown on film and video to generations of young Latter-day Saints in seminary, Sunday School and other forums. Producer and/or director of such classics as: Up in Smoke! (1959); Windows of Heaven (1963); Measure of a Man (1962); Worth Waiting For (1962); Never a Bride (1969); Johnny Lingo (1969); How Do I Love Thee? (1970); For Time Or Eternity (1970); The Lost Manuscript (1974); Cipher In The Snow (1973). Interestingly enough, many of these films were strictly values-oriented, and made no mention of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which produced them. Two of Whitaker’s films (“Johnny Lingo” and “Cipher in the Snow”) are available on video as part of the “BYU Classics” series, and on DVD as part of the “LDS Film Classics” series.

Claire Whitaker  Writer of How Do I Love Thee,  Man’s Search for Happiness and For Time or Eternity.
Latter-day Saint. Also credited as: Orma W. Wallengren; Claire Whitaker Peterson. Neice of filmmakers Wetzel O. Whitaker and John “Scott” Whitaker. Mother of television screenwriter and producer Ernie Wallengren. Mother in law of movie producer John Garbett. Orma is the screenwriter of “Johnny Lingo” (1969), the most popular LDS Church video from the early filmmaking period of the Church. Co-writer of the major Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-produced video “Man’s Search for Happiness,” as well as other Church videos, along with with Wetzel O. Whitaker and Scott Whitaker, during the period that the Whitakers ran the BYU motion picture department. Story consultant for the classic BYU-made Church video “The Mailbox” (1977). She wrote for the TV series “Death Valley Days”, “Wagon Train”, and “The Wonderful World of Disney.” She later started writing under the name of Claire Whitaker working on well-known productions such as “The Waltons” (she was story editor), “Falcon Crest”, “Promised Land”, “Baywatch”, “Eight is Enough” and “Touched by an Angel,” among others. She wrote the TV movies “A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion” (1993) and “A Walton Wedding” (1995).

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