"Thank God for film archivist Dennis Nyback. If not for his encyclopedic knowledge of rare films and his tenacity for acquiring them, we would never have the privilege to view some astounding works of cinema." Kim Morgan

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Scopitone A Go Go
DVD Color/80 minutes
Priced $30.00 – postage paid
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Pussycat a go go Stacy Adams
What I Say Sylvie Vartan
John’s Idea Johnny Hallyday
For You Freddie Bell and Roberta Lynn
English College Girs  Audry Arno
Just Like Me George and Teddy
Tell Him The Exciters!!!!
Belles Belles Belles Claude Francois
Land of 1000 Dances Danny Whitten
High Hell Sneakers Bill Lee Riley
Because You’re Mine James Darren
Where Did the Good Times Go Dick & Dee Dee
Queen  of the House!!! Jody Miller
Mr. Touchdown The Touchdown Girls
C’est Ci Bon Jane Morgan
We’ll Sing in the Sunshine Debbie Reynolds
Enamorado Andy Russell
Quando Quando The Kessler Sisters
My Teenage Fallout Queen George McKelvey
Where Do You Go to Go Away Gale Garnett
I’ve Got the World On a String January Jones
He’s Got the Power The Exciters!!!
Black Boy John Williams
The Night Has 1000 Eyes Bobby Vee
All the Boys and Girls Francoise Hardy
One Has My Name Barry Young
Remember Diana Paul Anka
Lost and Found Vic Damone
High Boots Mr. Eraserhead
Caught In the Web of Love Joi Lansing


Dear Dennis -Just came back from my 4th Burning Man fest, which is where I saw your compilation tape.  Even though I don’t do drugs, I felt like I was hallucinating when I saw what I now realize was Jane Morgan singing “C’est Si Bon” on a huge makeshift screen flapping in the dry desert wind.  Good thing I had the presence of mind to ask the gentleman projecting it what it was.In any event, I will gladly be sending you a check for the tape, and am grateful for your conservatorship, your obvious attention to quality control, and your fascinating notes.



Hi Dennis:Wow, what a surprise!  I have seen those Scopitone things for sale on the e-Bay and wondered who would ever buy them and why. Now, I know! What a barrel full of memories! This stuff is HIGH SIXTIES! What ammunition to throw at those nutcakes that want to say that those days were INNOCENT? Who said those days were slower and more innocent? I am here to tell you they were anything but innoccent. I have been giggling ever since I put the tape on.Bruce in Washington State
Hello Dennis,The tape is great, great, great. I really love it. It’s great to see all these artists on film. Trying to insert a little early sixties sex into these films has led to some really ridiculous scenes, well, ridiculous from our view. Are the girls on the swing really more important than Francoise Hardy singing and why is Dick (& Dee Dee) trying to shoot this dancing girl?Dennis, if you ever think about making a new tape (and please do think about it), I’d gladly buy that one, too.


Jurgen  in Germany

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