"Thank God for film archivist Dennis Nyback. If not for his encyclopedic knowledge of rare films and his tenacity for acquiring them, we would never have the privilege to view some astounding works of cinema." Kim Morgan

Dennis Nyback takes his films around the world. Find out how to book a show, what programs are available, how to arrange for custom programming, and just about anything you would like to know about Dennis Nyback.

Film List

42nd Street Title Clip
7-UP AD See the Light!  Fabulous psychedelic vaudeville  1975 
Adams Gum AD Fully animated  Weird flavors  1970s
Adios SOUNDIE Rita Rio
Air Parade SHORT Nella Goodell also on the reel Beautiful Dreamer
Alabamy Bound SOUNDIE Jackie Green
All Detergent  1968 color   Made funny by featuring Lily Tomlin  Live and manipulated
Along The Way The Waterfall 800 Feet
Alpha-Bits  1973  With Michael Jackson and the Jackson five Manipulated images
Afro Mood SOUNDIE Amelia Aquillara
American Music Folk to Jazz to Pop Two Reels
American Short Story: Parker Addison Philosopher
Ammons Powder  1960s color   Fully animated
Amos and Andy TV Clip
Anacin   Classic B&W 1960s housewife and the end of her rope
Anatomy of a Teenage Engagement 1200 Feet
Angline SOUNDIE Leo Diamond
Arthur Koch Piano Reflections
Arthur Q Bryant SOUNDIE The Golfers Lament
Artie Shaws Class in Swing
Awake  Breakfast Drink  Sexy dialogue between fresh and squeezed. Full animation
Babysitters, The 800 Feet
Back Breaking Leaf 1200 Feet
Bactine Medicated   1960’s Cool and peppy jingle with dancing girl Live and animated
Baggies Alligator  Live action with cast from Family Affair  partial animation 1960s
Bald Headed Woman/Hootie Blues Belafonte, Sonny and Terry
Balded Headed Woman Harry Belafonte
Banjo Man Joe Vinikow
Banjo Soundies
Barbershop Blues
Barefoot in the Park Trailers Technicolor
Baseball Footage Silent from Karl Cohen
Basic Education Grants  Platform shoes talk to each over 1960s fully animated
Beach Scene Swim Suits
Before the Mountain Was 1200 Feet
Beyond the Blue Horizon
Beyond the Blue Horizon Jeanette MacDonald Monte Carlo
Billboard Girl Bing Crosby
Billie Holiday with Count Basie Wardel Gray
Billy Shepard Snader Telescription Blue Velvet
Black and Tan Duke Ellington
Blackface Shorts
Blondes American Style  1960s Color  Live and stop motion.
Blue Hawaii SOUNDIE Al Mcintire
Blue of the Night 2 copies
Blues Reel
Bob Burns clip from Rhythm on the Range
Bob Crosby Bobcats Rampart Street Parade
Bob Hope Meets the Young Americans
Bob Wills Nudie
Bobby Gregory SOUNDIE Hillbilly Hoosegow
Bobcats Snader Telescription Who’s Sorry Now
Bold Laundry Detergent  1960s   Better than Bright!
Books and Their Care 800 Feet
Braverman Number One Nixon
Brick Makers   CLIO award 1989  Judo
Bubbling Over Ethel Waters
Bufferin   Invisible men’s bodies show Bufferin at work Animation and manipulated
Bugs Bunny Show   5 second spot  fully animated
Attack on America
What Our Flag Means
Japanese Relocation
Wake Up the Gypsy In Me
What You Need to Know about Biological Warfare
Ali Baba Bound
Cops Buster Keaton
Land of Liberty
Bunnie Berigan with Freddie Rich Until Today
Burger King  Lion and son in the jungle  fully animated  1970s
Burlesque Strip
Buster Keaton Alka Seltzer
Butch and Buddie
Cab Calloway Kicking the Gong Around
Cab Calloway’s Jitterbug Party
Calling All Girls Busby Berkeley
Captain Henry’s Radio Show Annette Hanshaw Lanny Ross
Caridad Garcia Mi Espansia Box
Carmel Quinn Minstrel Songs
Cass Franklin Monica Lane Snader Telescription That We Is Me and You
Cass Franklin Monica Lane Snader Telescription Just the Way You Are
Certs Breath Mints   1960s color   the classic “If he kissed you once….”  Animated logo
Chaplin clip
Chatanoonga Choo Choo Smokey Rogers
Chevron  Live action and animated  B&W  1960s
Chinese Teacup from International House
Chocks Vitamins   puppet B&W 1950s
Chuck Wagon   1971  Famous dog and miniature stage coach 
Clip Reel
Clips Reel
Close Harmony Oscar Winner
Cochita Lumas SOUNDIE Mexican Cutie
Cocoa Puffs  1960s B&W  The first Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs animated ad
Coke ad
College Rhythm Lyda Roberti
Colt 45 Malt Liquor CLIO award 1989    Partial animation
Compound W  Young woman with warts!  Animated wart action.
Continental Melodies SOUNDIES
Coo Coo Nut Grove
Coppertone   “We own the sun”  B&W  Manipulated live action 1960s
Corn Flakes with Live action and animated “Corneleus” by Andy Devine color 60s
Cortez The Legend 1200 Feet
Cotton Club Tramp Band
Coty Excites   1950s   Sexy ad  Manipulated and stop motion animation  B&W
Cowboy Isn’t Speaking to His Horse / So Far Away SOUNDIES
Crazy Foam   1960s  color  bathtub toy dispensers  Live action and animation
Crooner’s Holiday
Dance Act with Boogie Woogie Music
Dance Theater of Harlem Two Reels
Danny Kaye All Out for Freedom from Up In Arms
Darktown Strutters Ball SOUNDIE Charioteers
Datsun  B-210   We are Driven!  1974  animated logo
Dave Schooler and His All Gil Orchestra SOUNDIE
DeCastro Sisters Maracas in Caracas SOUNDIE
Development of Transportation
Ding Dongs   King Ding Dong  Fully animated  1970’s
Dinning Sisters SOUNDIE Ho Hum
Discovering Country Music Patsy Montana
Discovering Music of Latin America
Don Bestor and His Orchestra
Don Kennelly SOUNDIE You’ve Got Me Guessing
Don Redman and His Orchestra 1934
Don Reynolds Snader Every Every Man There is a Woman
Don Reynolds Snader Jump Through the Ring
Don Reynolds Snader Beware
Don’t Change Your Job SOUNDIE Ken Schon
Doral Cigarettes  1970s  Phallic symbol animated images with confused woman
Dorothy Darling Strip
Dream House
Dream Lover
Dristan  Nasal Mist  1960s  B&W  Cool “breathing bag” with animated sinuses.
Dusty Fletcher Open the Door Richard
Eat Sensibly  1970s   FDA  Puppets
Eddie Cantor Bend Down Sister Palmy Days
Eddie Cantor Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby
Eddie Peabody I Don’t Care
Eddie Peabody His College Chums 1929
Eddie Peabody Sweet Sue
Eddy Labaron Orch with Sue Stanley Coax me a Bit SOUNDIE
Elevator Music mag track
Ethel Merman For the GI’s
Ethel Waters Bubbling Over
Ethel Waters Underneath a Harlem Mood
Euro Music
Euro Music Mag Track
Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now SOUNDIE Le Donne Trio
Family of the River, The River My Home 1200 Feet
Fanny with the Cheeks of Tan
Farmers and Mechanics Bank  1950s Manipulated images including Great Dane
Fats Waller Ain’t Misbehavin from Stormy Weather
Feature Clips
Felix the Cat 60’s cartoon
Fellini Satyricon 1200 Feet
Films for the Architecture Class
First Kiss
Flair Pens   1960s color  Stop Motion
Florida Orange Juice   Anita Bryant with animated “Orange Bird.”  1969 color
Footlight Parade Trailer
Force of Gravity 1200 Feet
Forgotten American 1200 Feet
Fortress: Story of Ticondaroga 1200 Feet
Frank Cook and the Merry Men SOUNDIE Hi Neighbor
Freddy Bell We Will Teach You to Rock
Free to Be You and Me 1600 Feet
Fresca   1960s   color   Manipulated images and women in swim suits
Friskies Kitten Formula  CLIO award 1980s  Live and stop motion
Fruit Loops  1960s B&W  Oop Fray Oops Lay!  Full animation
Funny Bone  Candy Bar  1960’s b Live action kids and animated candy bar  B&W
Gaia’s Dream Rose Bond
Gambling With Our Lives 800 Feet
Gandie’s Adventure
Gay Paree 1949 TV show
Gene Austin SOUNDIE My Blue Heaven
Gene Austin SOUNDIE Take Your Shoes Off Daddy
Gene Austin SOUNDIE Too Much Texas
Gene Williams Snader From This Moment One
Gene Williams Snader Oh Look at Me Now
Gene Williams Snader The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
George Olson and His Orchestra
George Olson Soundies
Georgie Porgie SOUNDIE
Georgie Porgie “b” copy SOUNDIE
Gertrude Neissen SOUNDIEA Wee Bit of Scotch
Gilbert Frye SOUNDIE Eleanor Counts Kisses For You
Girls in Pajamas SOUNDIE Joe Reichman Orch
Girls Sings Stolen Sweets Show
Git Along Little Doggies SOUNDIE
Glenn Miller Nicholas Brothers Chattanoonga Choo Choo
Gloria Swanson Sings
Glug, The 800 Feet
God Bless America Kate Smith
Grace Barrie SOUNDIE Stone Cold Dead in the Market
Grasslands of the World 800 Feet
Great Expectations Clifton Fadiman 1600 Feet
Green Giant Corn  Partially animated  1960s color
Gus Van SOUNDIE I’m an Old Cowhand
Guy Rennie Ann Jeffreys SOUNDIE Love Never Happens to Me Burlesque
Guy Rennie Margaret Deene SOUNDIE Right Kind of Girl
Guy Rennine Always on the Bench SOUNDIE Football
Hank a Flying SOUNDIE Freddy Schnicklefritz Fisher
Hank Fort Snader Confederate Money / Sugar Plum Honey Pie
Hank Fort Snader Take Your Time Little Doggies
Hank Williams Jr. Jimmy Dean Show
Hare Ribbin
Sioux Me
He Was Her Man
Let It Be Me
Ali Baba Bound
Tokio Jokio
Wise Quackers
Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips
Tin Pan Alley Cats
Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs
Take It and Git SOUNDIE Glen Gray
Harp Boogie SOUNDIE Adele Girard
Abou Ben Boogie  cartoon
Boogie Woogie Man  Brian Sisters with Will Osborne
Cow Cow Boogie  cartoon
Rhumboogie SOUNDIE Maurice Rocco
Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat  cartoon
Boogie Upstairs SOUNDIE Ray Mancini
Boogie Woogie Sioux  cartoon
Boardwalk Boogie SOUNDIE Ray Bradley Will McKinley Orch
Choo Choo Swing  Count Basie 
Anemic Cinema
Ballet Mechanique
L’etoile de mer
Symphonie Diagonale
The Big Broadcast (Intro with credits)
Hurry Hurry (from Never Give a Sucker and Even Break)
The Big Broadcast  (Bing’s Entrance)
Dames  (I Only Have Eyes for You)
Duck Soup  (This is War)
International House (Woo Hoo Landing)
Lady In the Dark  (The Saga of Jenny)
The Big Broadcast  (Suicide)
Dames (Dames)
International House (Ending with credits)
A Toyland Adventure
One More Time
Snow White
Johnny Smith and Poker Huntess
Porky in Wackyland
You Ought to Be in Pictures
A Corny Concerto
Red Hot Riding Hood
Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs
Super Screw
Shake Your Powder Puff
3 Quickies
 Dizzy Red Riding Hood
Lovers In the Woods
Honeymoon Hotel
Booby Traps
Wise Flies
Ever Ready
Harlem in the Thirties
Harold Arlen
Harry Belafonte Little Liza Jane / Mambo
Harry Lefcourt and His Red Jackets SOUNDIE
Harry Little and Sande Dancer SOUNDIE
Hartz Mountain Flea Color  Puppets   1970s
Hedelberg ad
Helen Morgan Bill
Hellbound Lola Lane
Hellbound clips
Henny Penny My Black Hen
Hi De Ho Cab Calloway
High Steel 800 Feet
Hillbillies In Hollywood Reel One
Hillbillies in Hollywood Reel Two
Hillbilly Holiday Chuck Palmer and His Rangers
Hillbily Love 1935 Ray Whitley Frank Luther
Hilo Hattie SOUNDIE
Hit the Road to Dreamland The Taylor Maids
Hoagy Carmichael 1939
Holio Kohaa SOUNDIE Lani Mcintyre
Honeycomb   1970s   Puppet Abominable  Snowman
Hook Line and Singing Grantland Rice
Hootie Blues Sonny Terry and Browning McGhee
Hour after Hour  Deodorant 1970  With Diane Keaton  animated logo
How Do I Know It’s Real SOUNDIE
How Many Hearts Have You Broken SOUNDIE
How to Hold A Husband
Hula of Desire
Human Face of Japan: The Rice Ladle (Changing Roles of Woman) 1200 Feet
Humor in Music reel one Leonard Bernstein Feb 28, 1959
Hunts Snack Pack  1960s  Talking horse
I Ain’t Go Nobody
I Hear a Rhapsody SOUNDIE Marian Conner
I Hear Music Soundie
I Heard
I Like a Balalaika SOUNDIE The Kings Men
I Like Mountain Music Cartoon 1933
I Only Have Eyes For You from Dames Berkeley
I Was Born ‘Neath a Lucky Star Joan Marsh
I Will Fight No More Forever 1600 Feet
I’m a Good Good Woman Una Mae Carlisle
I’m the Leader of the Band
Ice House Wine Cocktails  Fully animated and very cool!  1970s
In a Little Spanish Town
In Caliente Trailer
Instant Maxwell House  1960s Color  with the Percolator Jingle  Animated percolator
Intertitle   9 Out of 10 Dentists Agree  Sex Sells
Intertitle   Feminine Allure
Intertitle   Hook em Young  The Fine Art of  Exploiting Children
Intertitle   Part of a Balanced Breakfast
Intertitle   Riding the Gravy Train All the Way to the Bank
Intertitle   The Tao of Tide
Intertitle   When Fun was Fun:  Smoking and Drinking
Intertitle  Damn the Ozone  Hair is Important
Intertitle  Junk Food The All American Meal
Intertitle  Moral Crusade  Public Service Advertisements
Intertitle  The New Joy of Cooking  Food In a Box
Intertitle  Who Needs a Dr. When You Have TV
Intertitle  You Gotta Have a Gimmick To Sell This Stuff
Isn’t She Pretty
It Happened in Sun Valley Glenn Miller
It’s Marvelous Gene Austin
Jack Duffy Hot Stuff Burlesque
James Mason sings and plays the piano
Jammin the Blues
Jan Cole Soundies (not spliced)
Jane Pickens Sing and Be Happy
Japan: The Land and the People 800 Feet
Jason 800 Feet
Jazz Cartoons
Jeanette MacDonald High Wide and Handsome Clips
Jeanette MacDonald In Our Little Home in the West
Jeanette MacDonald clips
Jerry Cooper Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Jerry Cooper Mountains Reach the Skies
Jerry Wald
Jessie James Denver Darling
Jif Peanut Butter 1950s   B&W  Live action and some stop motion
Jimmie Lunceford and His Dance Orchestra
Jingle Jangle Jingle Dick Thomas
Jingle Jangle Jingle Page Cavanaugh
Jitterbugs The Concertina Man
Johnny Long Caterpillar Shuffle
Just One More Chance
Katherine Capuna Muriel Lange When a Gypsy Plays (nudity)
Kellogs Frosted Flakes  1960s color  Tony the Tiger “Live it Up”  full animation
Ken-L-Ration  Tender Chunks   Animated dog barking and logo  Woof!  1970s
King Cole Trio It’s Better To Be by Yourself
King Kamehameha Lani McIntyre
Kiss the Boys Goodbye Molly Healy
Kool Aid   1970s  Hey Kool Aid  Bowling Alley  puppet
Kool Aid Kids from Holland   Fully animated B&W  1960s
KP Serenade Hoosier Hotshots
LA  Beer   CLIO Award 1988  Manipulated live and stop motion
Lady in Red from In Caliente Berkeley
Lani McIntyre Soundies
Larry Clinton A Song Is Born
Larry Clinton Bea Wain Chantof the Jungle
Larry Clinton My Reverie Box
Larry Clinton The Night We Metin Holalu
Latin Novelties Soundies
Lativaj Psr Aizsargajama Flora
Lawrence Welk 50’s TV with Buddy and his Electric Guitar
Lawrence Welk The Double Eagle
Lena Romay Let’s Get Lost
Let Our Hearts Play Their PartsLiberace TV 1953?
Levis With Dacron Polyester  1977  Plaid Levis  Ken Nordine voice Not on youtube
Listen and Sing
Listen to the Mocking Bird Tom Emerson Hillbillies
Listen to the Mocking Bird Korn Kobblers
Little Caesar Pizza  CLIO award Origami ad 1989
Little Swiss Mill Reverse
Living American Dance Theater
Lottery Bride
Louis Jordan Old Man Mose / If You Can’t Say Yes
Louis Jordan Every Day is Saturday in Harlem
Luba Malina Gay Ranchero
Lucky Girls Russian Revels
Lucky Girls Russian Revels Reverse
Lullaby of Broadway Busby Berkeley
Ma She’s Making Eyes at Me Gus Visser and Duck
MacDonalds   Ronald MacDonald  with puppets  back to the stone age  1970s
Machuro Maki Where the Action Is
Mae West I Want You I Need You
Mae West Occidental Woman in an Oriental Mood
Mae West They Call Me Sister Honky Tonk
Maiden Form Rated “X” Bra  1971  Color  Manipulated images
Maka La Pua
Mama Don’t Allow Rufe Davis
Man on the Flying Trapeze Soundie
Marilyn Stewart At Little Roadside Rest
Marine’s Hymn / National Anthem Soundie
Mario Castanegra Love Song of Renaldo
Marion Hare and Paragone Chi Chi Costanagra
Marlboro   Manipulated and live action.  B&W  1960s
Martha Tilton Loch Lamond Reverse
Marvell Maxwell Having a Time in Havana Reverse
Mary Martin My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Mary Gilbert Hal Borne Orch Little Dutch Mill
Maybelline Moonstar False eyelashes   1960s B&W  Fabulous!  Manipulated live action
McEwans Best Scotch  Clio Award 1988   Partial animation
McNamara’s Band Gus Van
Me and My Shadow
Mentholatum Deep Heat Rub   Live action with animated aching back
Midnight Melodies Loretta Lee Jack Gilford Ed Paul
Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1933 Sally Gooding
Minorities: What is a Minority 800 Feet
Mississippi Summer Project and Made in Mississippi 1600 Feet
Monte Carlo Excerpts Trimmin the Women Keep Doing What You’re Dong
Moonlight Becomes You Eddy Howard
Mountains Reach the Sky Soundie
Movie Melodies Gene Austin
Music Cupboard Shelf C 400 Feet
Music Cupboard Shelf D 1600 Foot
Music Cupboard Shelf D 1200 Feet
Music Makers
Musical Holdouts John Cohen
My Little Home in the West
My Sombrero
Nate Cohen Stars of Tomorrow Portland
Negro American 1600 Feet
Nervine  Better housewife mood elevator “Avoid excessive use” Live and animated
Nestles Quik   Famous live action and animated Bunny  1970s
Norma Baxter burlesque
Novel Lesson: What It Is, What It’s About, What it Does 1600 Feet
Off Road Controversy 1200 Feet
Oh Johnny
Oh Susanna
Oklahoma is OK Jimmie Dodd 1944 Moon Over Las Vegas
Old Style Beer  Fully animated 1950s  B&W
One a Day Vitamins   1950s  B&W  creepy
Ooh La La Reel Two
Ozzie Nelson
Paper-mate Pens  1957 Nice phallic symbol usage  Live action and animation
Paradise isle
Paramount Pictorial 1934
Pass the Biscuits Mirandy Spike Jones
People and Productivity – We Learn From Japan 1200 Feet
Pepsi  CLIO award winner 1989  Funk Music  fully animated
Pet Instant Milk  1962  Live and stop motion  child star Ron Howard  B&W
Peter Pan Peanut Butter   with Tinker Bell  Live action and animation 1958
Phil Hanna Virginia Vale That Night in Manhattan
Phillip Lopez Papaya
Phillip Morris  Cigarettes  From I Love Lucy 1952 Animated logo With Bob Shepard
Pie Pie Black Bird / Eddie Duchin Orchestra Sylvia Froos
Pillsbury Angel Food  1950s Live and stop motion. 
Pillsbury Flower with the Pillsbury animated Doughboy. Color 1960s
Pillsbury White Cake  Live action, stop motion and manipulated images. B&W 1950s
Play that Hootnanny Texas Jim Lewis
Poisoned Aire 1200 Feet
Polka Dot Polka
Popeye in Goonland
Popol Vuh: Creation Myth of Maya 1200 Feet
Post Super Sugar Crisp   Sugar Bear 1970s full animation
Princess Papoulie Soundie
Princess Telephone 1964  Stop Motion  B&W
Promotion By-pass
Purina Cat Chow  1970s   Chow Chow Chow! 
Quaker Puffed Rice “Shot from Guns!”  B&W  1950s
Radio Days Reel One
Radio Days Reel Two
Radio Salutes 1931 Ruth Etting Nathaniel Shilkret
Rain the Roof Cameo Girls Marilyn Maxwell
Ralph Rainger / Modern Jazz Quartet
Ramona 1200 Feet
Ramona’s Haircut 1200 Feet
Ramona’s Wedding Day 1200 Feet
Ration Blues Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five
Red River Dave Branding Time
Red River Dave Dude Cowboy
Reefer Man Cab Calloway from The Big Broadcast
Regulation of Plant Growth 1200 Feet
Reverse Soundies
Rhapsody in Black and Blue Louis Armstrong Sidney Easton
Rice a Roni  1960s  Cool Jazz and SF  A great commercial with manipulated images
Rice Krispies  1970s  Full animation
Riding the Lazy Range With You
Rio Panamerica Rita Rio
Rise of Adolph Hitler 1200 Feet
Roadrunner Wiley Coyote and Shamu  National Safety Council  Fully animated 1960s
Rock Around the Clock Freddy Bell / Bill Haley
Rocking the Town Johnny Green from Start Cheering
Rocky Mountains 1200 Feet
Rolling Headstones Groovy Ghoulies
Roots of Happiness 800 Feet Two Copies
Rudy Vallee Lydia
Rudy Vallee You’ll Do it Someday
Ruth Etting in Favorite Melodies
Salem Menthol Cigarettes  B&W 1960s Take a puff, it’s Springtime!  Animated logo
Samover Serenade Luba Malina
Sani-Flush   1960s   Good animated toilet!
Say Si Si
Say Si Si
Scarlet Knight
School Safety Test
Scope Mouthwash Woman confronts boss about bad breath  1960s B&W part animated
Score  1970s  Hairspray for men This is right to the point  See animation plump things up
Seasons Greetings   R.O. Blechman fully animated 1969 Woodsman spares tree
Seeing is Believing clip Donald O’Conner
Shadrach Boys Shadrach Meshach Abednego
Shake and Bake 1970s   Partial stop “time delay” motion
She’s the McCoy
Shine Louis Armstrong
Short Play Showcase: Long Christmas Dinner 1600 Feet
Silhouette Soundie Danny Danford
Silverstone  Teflon frying pan  Hang on Sloopy!   CLIO 1988
Sing Along Christmas Carols
Sing Along with the Delta Rhythm Boys
Singing Sam
Sippity Doo Dah  1970s  Some sort of chocolate milk  Live action and animation
Sky Is Falling 1200 Feet
Sleep Kentucky Baby Day Dusk and Dawn
Slim and Sweets Tap Happy
Slim Gaillard Slam Stewart from Hellzapoppin
Smoothies Princess Papaya
Snader Transcriptions
Social Security  PSA   1970s  live action with partial animation
Songs of the Range Soundies
Soundie Reel
Soundie/Clip Reel
Soundie/Snader Reel
Soundies Reels
South America: Estancia in Argentina 800 Feet
Spike Jones A Hat for Hedda Hopper
Spike Jones Mel Blanc Sheik of Araby
St. Louis Blues
Stan Kenton
Start Breakfast Drink  With animated Popeye  1970s
Steel Drum Band/Erik Thorson Popeye the Sailor
Stepping Along with Television
Stormy Weather End Nicholas Brothers
Stormy Weather beginning Cab
Stripe Toothpaste  1960s B&W  Little sister bugs older sister about sex. brief animation
Stroemann Bread   Fully animated color 1960s
Strum Fun Eddie Peabody
Student Footage 1600 Feet
Sugar Kane Stormy Weather
Sunbeam Microwave  CLIO award 1980s
Sunkist Oranges  1970s  Animated little girl and dragon
Sunnyside of the Street
Sunshine Walking in the Rain Smokey Rogers
Sweet and Lovely
Sweet Marijuana from Murder at the Vanities
Sweet Syncopation Soundies
Sylvia Froos in Transatlantic Love and All For One
Ta Pati Zeme Euro Music 2 reels
Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle Carson Robison
Tanya Bump and Grind
Tarzan Dental Care   California Dental Association  fully animated 1970s
Ted Fiorito Photo Finish plus Rudy Vallee from International House
Terry Twins Chiquita Banana
Terry Twins That’s All Brother
Texas Home Merle Travis and Carolina Cotton
Texas Strip Bob Manners Margie Beeler
That’s the Spirit
The Black Network
The High Lonesome Sound John Cohen
The Innocent Years: San Francisco Worlds Fair 1916 Ray Hubbard 1200 Feet
The Man Who Comes Around
The Martins and the Coys The Jesters
The Old Fashioned Way W.C. Fields
The Only War We Seek 1200 Gene Starbender
The Singing Hills
The Sound of Jazz Two Reels
The Woman’s Prejudice 800 Feet
Three Blind Mice
Tom Lehrer Pollution Box
Tom Mix clip
Tommy Reynolds Orchestra
Top Cat   Ad for the tv show  Fully animated  1961
Trix   1970s  The Silly Rabbit does get a bite  fully animated
Tussee Lipstick  1960s  Live action and interesting animation B&W
Twenties Jazz Reel
Twinkies   Live and stop motion  “Even space girls like Twinkies.”  Weird  1970s
Two College Boys Duke Atterbury Ken Gillum
Union 76 “long hose” shot in SF.  Not animated, but some manipulation 1960s  B&W
United States Becomes a World Power 1600 Feet
Universal Logo
Unknown Silent clip
Uptight, Tense, Angry, Close, Friendly 1600 Feet
Use Pesticides Carefully  1970s  Puppets  EPA
V-Mail for a Female Ann Parker
Victor McLaglan Love Honor and Goodbye
Village Fire Brigade
Viola Vonn When You’re Near Me
Virginia Meyers and the Merry Men Mrs. Yankee Doodle
Vitalis   Men’s hair care  1957 Animation and live action
Vitaphone Capers
Vitaphone Frolics Stanley Brothers
Volleyball: Fundamentals 800 Feet
Voltaire Presents Candide: Intro to the Age of Enlightenment 1600 Feet
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
Warner Brother AAP logo
Way Down South
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
Weaver Brothers and Elvira
Western Airlines   Wally the bird  “The Ooonly Way to Fly”  1959  fully animated
When It’s Springtime in the RockiesWhen You’re Near Me
Where the Action Is
Where the Sweet Mamas Grow Korn Kobblers
Whistlers Mother in Law Shep Fields with Ken Curtis
Will Osborne with Martha Tilton
Wizard Air Refresher   1960s  “Houseitosis”
Wonder Bread  Live and animation with The Fresh Guys  1970s
Working: Rules of the Game 800 Feet
Wrap Your Troubles In Dream
Yoplait   CLIO award 1989   Spanish  strong children
You Were Meant For Me
You’re the One Rose
Young Man with a Horn trailer
Zero Bar  candy  fully animated  1970s