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Ooh La La! A History of Lingerie!

Dixie Evans 1950

Dixie Evans

A historic and fun look at women in their undies.   Naughty short films from 1910 to 1965!  Some are sound and some are silent. All show various designs of what was not seen under modest clothing in the past.  That includes daytime undies and nighties too.  Also the progression of women’s swimwear is shown. Also vintage gym outfits.

The Program:

Bathing Beauties 1900-1910   Newsreel footage of women in swimsuits.

Why Girls Walk Home  c1925   Four girls strip down to their undies for a swim in the ocean!

No Help Needed   c1930   Clip from a Stag Film.   Probably European.  Nice undies!

A Model Must Please c1942   The model must know what to wear, as in not much, to please.

Down to the Sea Without Slips  c1930  Nudie Cutie set on a boat.  Nautical but nice.

Bend Down Sister  1932  Clip from the feature Palmy Days.  Girls in exercise wear work out in the gym. Busby Berkeley

Caught Without a Costume  C1928   A nudie cutie with an interesting outfit made out of a newspaper.

How to Take a Sunbath c1946  Well, for one thing, you don’t take a sunbath fully clothed.

Dames  1934   Title number from the Busby Berkeley film. Both 1934 undies and also some from the 1890’s.

What the Blushing Bride Wore c1942  A lively ” Soundie “  with very nice undies.

The Man That Comes Around c1942   A rather adult Soundie narrated by a fake small boy.

Just Kissed c1948   A woman dances and disrobes to pictures of her two boy friends.

The Whistler’s Mother-in-Law c1942  A Soundie showing beach wear.

Georgie Porgie c1942  A Soundie that includes jitterbug dancing with plenty of lifting circle skirts.

Fanny With the Cheeks of Tan c1950  Another of the inimitable “Seaside Studios” output.

Rain on the Roof c1942  This Soundie shows various nighties.  About time, huh?

Texas Strip c1942  An anonymous rockabilly band Soundie that inspired “Whip It” by Devo.

Too Hot to Handle  1950  Dixie Evans  This clip from the feature Too Hot to Handle is the best strip tease act ever put on film.

Queen of the House   Scopitone (Switch to Magnetic Sound)  Jody Miller.  A housewife in baby doll pajamas sings about her life.

One Has My Name   Scopitone  Barry Young.   A man leaves his wife because of interesting underwear of another woman

English College Girls    Scopitone  Audrey Arno.  A comment of what happens to English girls who come to Paris for fun.