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Goodbye Mommie, I’m Off to Kill a Commie


Was it that long ago that the  Soviet Union was the Evil Empire in the eyes of the United States and the Cold War threatened to end the world in some sort of Dr. Strangelove Nuclear Bomb conflagration?  Is there anything to learn from those times to help us deal with the  world that has replaced it?   The world where the  Ruskies are not per se the ones to be frightened of, since  now the world is littered with Nuclear Bombs, in various countries,  and who knows whose hands they might fall into next?  Oh, forget all that, let’s just return  to a time when good was good, evil was evil, and the United States knew it had God on its side!


This program of rare United States Government films, and few other interesting tidbits of the past, are  a frighteningly  funny,  chillingly hilarious, thoughtfully astounding, roller coaster ride, full  of paranoia, and include one amazing musical interlude.  Not to be missed by anyone interested in the possibility of Nuclear Annihilation, or hope for a peaceful world, or  are looking for the meaning of life, the wonderfulness of balalaika music, or just want to escape to what some think was a better time.  You get to be the judge,that is if you are perspicacious enough to watch:

The Program:

Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” Speech Westminster College, Fulton Missouri,  March 5 1946 Newsreel Footage BW  5 minutes
Reds In Hollywood Newsreel report on Hollywood Stars appearing before House Un-American Activities Committee 1947  5 minutes
Preparing for a Nuclear Bomb Test in the Desert Silent US Department of Defense Footage?  c1953  BW  5 minutes
The US Soldier US Department of Defense   Starts with Atomic Bomb blast and shows early footage of Vietnam war c1961 BW  10 minutes
Cavalcade on the News 1961 Movietone Newsreel Communist hot spots all around the world BW  15 minutes
Ural Trucks Infomercial c1974 Trying to sell a Soviet Era Truck to the US Market.  Are they serious or is this some sort of Trojan Horse used to stealthily undermine the American Way?  BW  10 minutes
Balalaika Band c1950 French Newsreel footage of Russian Army musicians.  Could evil people make such great music?   5 minutes
All About Fallout US Department of Defense explains aftermath of Nuclear War.  Yes, for those who survive it could be an OK world.   Made by Wilding Films Color c1961  20 minutes